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Twin terror attacks in Norway.

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Seven people confirmed dead from the bomb in Oslo, ten more severely wounded. At Utoeya at least ten people are dead, several wounded and the death toll is expected to rise as they search the island. A 32 year old Norwegian (native) has been taken into custody following the massacre at Utoeya. He had dressed up as a police officer and lured people towards him before opening fire with a rifle and a handgun. A witness claims the number of deaths could reach up to 30 at the labour party youth camp at Utoeya. There are reports that there were around 600 people on Utoeya, some as young as 11-12 years old. 38 people have been treated for gunshot wounds at Ringerrike hospital.

I've been glued to the television since the first reports came in, the gunman is also linked to the bombings.

Edit: Wrong section perhaps. Oslo's ambulance service has dispatched each and every available unit to Utoeya and where the bomb(s?) went off in the capitol.

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My phone woke me up at noon today with alerts about this. Crazy! You never hear of anything going on in Norway. I figured frostbite was their biggest threat. But anyplace you have a "labour party" with "youth camps," you're bound to have problems. That's how the Nazis got started.

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85 is the official number now, there are still people missing from Uteoya, so the total death toll could be over 100. The buildings in the gov. district may have to be torn down because of structural damages. They think the bomb might have been a 500kg fertilizer bomb.

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