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Which areas of the pediatric patient's body needs to be exposed for medical attention and access?

An EMS equipment sales person told me that both the chest and the abdomen need to be exposed because otherwise breathing would be impeded. How much truth is there?

Also, what kind of medical proceedures are most often performed on pediatric patients? Thanks!

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Sorry, I should have said that of the medics I've talked to (not many) and from the posts on the forums, I got the impression that most medics either uses customers' own car seats or no restraints whe

100% of the time, my pedi's are restrained. We will attempt to get the car seat from the family that the child/infant is used to. On the off chance that that isn't possible, we carry a harness that

LSP Pediatric Immobilizer. Or as I call it, the flat straight jacket. Whether they need immobilized or not, if you don't want them to move around, IV, etc.. Strap them down. If they're small, and sitt

Anyone who is anti-child restraint in an ambulance needs to get a copy of Dr. Nadine Levick's ambulance crash videos. She did a study for her masters degree where she crashed ambulances with child and adult crash dummies in the patient compartment. I cant find a link right this minute, but if you watch those videos you will never ride unrestrained in the box again.

This is not her video, but you get the idea: Imagine mom and baby crushing the medic in the captain's chair.


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That's a good point. I will take disinfection into account as an aspect of cleanability. Right now, my only solution to not using Velcro is to use three-pronged plastic snapfit buckles. If anyone has better ideas, please post.

Some late thought(s)

1- the "melon" size in relation to child's body is not similar proportion to adults, you may wish consider that in your calculations.

2- A firm back of head pad, the idea of using a soft one is all wrong in the Z shaped pad in KED.

3- I am a true believer that we should NOT use a chin strap (airway airway airway) as in the mandible is a movable joint for one, and if they puke they can't open their mouths so perhaps entertain a zygomatic arch type strap as in the Oregon Spinal System, part of the SKEDCO system, although this is demonstrated on the military educational video it (zygomatic arch spilt band) is not mentioned in any of the links I could locate on goggle.


4- HAND restraints ... those lil buggers can extubate in a new york heart beat the second your looking some place else.

I have on a back-country rescue (ATV I hate those POS things) used my OSS on a 10 year old .. and it worked out ok although blood soaked nylon straps needed a pressure washer and soaked in clavicide when cleaning up.

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The dos and don'ts of transporting children in ambulances...


Pediatric patients need to be secured while in the Ambulance. As everyone should be in a MV...

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Anyone who is anti-child restraint in an ambulance needs to get a copy of Dr. Nadine Levick's ambulance crash videos.

Good videos, but who the heck is "anti child restraint?" Certainly there's some bad practices out there, but I haven't seen a single person in this thread come out flippantly or seriously against.

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cant speak for why flaming said what he said, but just a few years back, our local Pediatric hospital starting filing formal complaints with the State anytime an EMS crew brought in an unrestrained child, it didnt take long to get some rules and behaviors changed. Apathy can be just as dangerous as deliberate action. Letting mom hold the child on her lap should no longer be allowed, and although no one has voiced their desire to strap babies to the hood of the truck, you are already hearing excuses about how you can not assess or treat a child appropriately in a restraint device.

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Hey guys, can you estimate the following figures for me?

1) How many calls does your service get per day?

2) How many pediatric calls does your service get per day?

3) How many pediatric calls require a full body restraint per day?


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