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Presidential Election 2008

Who would you vote for in the 2008 election as our next president  

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    • Hillary Clinton
    • Jeb Bush

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So, you're saying the administration is in no way responsible for failing to heed the warning signs of 9/11 and reacted swiftly and appropriately to the situation with Hurricane Katrina, huh? Tell me, what color is the sky in your world? Bush is a moron. His actions and inactions allow Americans to die.

I totally agree with you....Bush is a moron and i strongly believe it was because of him that soo many people lost their lives with 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina...He is only looking out for the wealthy and his buddies who helped put him in office....He stole the first election from Gore...Which is really sad..He couldn't even win it on his own..I personally hate the man....

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If those are my choices, I'd have to vote for Jeb Bush. At least he's a politician. All Hillary Clinton does is ride the coattails of her husband and try to ban video games. :P

It'll never come to those choices because if the Democrats want to run Hillary Clinton, the Republicans would probably try to run Condolezza Rice... female and minority! Wow, she would be a shoe in if, they can somehow suppress the photos of her watching "Spamalot" on Broadway during the Hurricane Crisis.


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I totally agree with you....Bush is a moron and i strongly believe it was because of him that soo many people lost their lives with 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

Excuse me, but President Bush had only been in office for less than eight months when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked. It's been the policies of this country, under Republicans and Democrats alike, that have fostered the hatred of America that is seen in many places around the world. Remember, the last two attacks on Iraq before 9/11 were ordered by Bill Clinton, not Bush.

I disagree with Bush on many things, stem cell research funding among them, but I do not blame him for 9/11. The next big terrorist attack, and there will be one, eventually, can be blamed on him and the invasion of Iraq, but not 9/11.

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Im going to say my piece and leave, I cant be a troll with this thread, so here goes.

For one, what the hell ever happened to personal responsibility??????? We have fingers pointing in ever goddamn direction trying to find one agency or person to blame. Whoever said it should have been the state and local's agency to evacuate the citizens out is very correct. FEMA deviated from its original purpose to focus on counter-terrorism after 9/11, which didnt leave much room for development of natural disaster preparedness. FEMA is the back-up for the state and local agencies when a disaster occurs.

People knew for an entire week this Catagory 5 Hurricane was headed straight for the Gulf Coast, but sadly even the Weather Channel professionals didnt predict good enough and storm went 75 miles further west than what was prediected. Also people at the National Hurricane Center said that the levees in NOLA would not hold and the entire city needed to be evacuated. Why were these warnings from the professionals not heeded? Even by city and state officers?

NOLA and all other cities should ALWAYS have an evacuation plan and it must be rehearsed once a year for everyone to learn so that things will run smoothly in an actual disaster.

While people are dying in our own country from disease and dehydration our gov't and officials are "sending down prayers". Yes Im glad your praying, but if you can, DO something.

There will surely be an independent investigation on the response to Hurricane Katrina, lets hope that for once change will actually take place.

This is just a small slither of my thoughts, so I am stopping here.


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The city officials had 4 days at least warning about this, why did they not remove people from that nursing home and the ones unable to leave?? This was not a "Federal" problem, this was a local problem. I am not saying that at the federal level more should not have been done.

This was in the news for four days. There should have been more done before it hit to have supplies and people ready to go in when the hurricane passed. This was a breakdown on many levels not just "Bush".

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Actually Rid, I wasn't referring to Christians with a my Jesus freak line. I was referring to narrow-minded, bible thumping right wing crusaders who care more about what happens to someone in the afterlife than their existence here on earth. Whether its Pat Robertson calling for assassinations of foreign figures, Jerry Falwell rallying against the teletubbies, or the lord and savior George Bush mentioning teaching "alternative theories" to evolution, these are the ones that fall into my "Jesus freak" category. I see Pat's use of religion to exhort violence as no better than a Muslim cleric doing the same to get someone to strap a bomb onto their chest.

I know in the rest of the country New York is seen as a godless, immoral Babylon where churches are run by transvestite prostitutes, (didn't Falwell kinda of hint that's why we got hit on 9/11? What a guy.) but that's not true. There are a lot of Christians here too.

It's funny how when it comes to "The War on Terror", the actions of the government domestically are excused by saying "they are needed to protect the country", but when it comes to getting some old ladies out of the toxic soup of New Orleans "the federal government doesn't need to protect THEM... unless Osama is behind the hurricane. Then we can help them."

It's really the same deal with EMS but on a national scale... we have tons of people who want to strap sidearms and bullet proof vests on and go around and look cool, just read the posts, (they may even want to smoke cigars and call themselves "ragin Cajuns"), but find the ones that are willing to get dirty to help the poor and unfortunate, those are much more rare. But then, again, getting back to Jesus, he always did say that "violence and use of force takes precedence over helping the infirm, meek, and helpless". That sounds like him, doesn't it? So if I offend Christians everywhere by saying people who use religion as a political tool to get votes, exhort violence, and turn a blind eye and fire up the spin doctors when others need help because they are DYING, well, God will have to forgive me. Maybe I can do penance by buying a shotgun and donating to the 700 Club.

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. . . . we have tons of people who want to strap sidearms and bullet proof vests on and go around and look cool, just read the posts . . . .

The discussion of arming FD and EMS crews under special circumstances has absolutely nothing to do with wanting to look cool. It is about being able to protect yourself, your co-workers and your patients when law enforcement is unable to do so. If you want to be a sheeple (sheep + people = sheeple) and let the wolves run wild, well be my guest. Me, I want to make sure I can bite back.

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