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My name is Nicole I'm 22 years old and I am starting my EMT-B training at Citrus College in California. I am very excited for what is ahead of me in this field. At a very young age there was a show about young Paramedics (yes is was drama filled but here me out) and I loved every bit of it. (No, This is not one of those "pipe dreams" where I'll eventually end up dropping out) In high school I participated in the "Health Careers Academy" at Blair High in Pasadena, CA. That's where my deeply rooted inspiration came from. I love helping people I always have but I've also learned (and have been told) that I can't be contained behind a desk or building, I HAVE to be out and able to move.

All of that to say this, I know what I've gotten myself into and I know when I wake up every morning It will come with many groans (because it will be 8am) but also with plenty of smiles. I have a bright personality, my "Hobby" if you will is Musical Theatre but I'm excited to say my Major is EMS:)

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Might I suggest that you not start off your career apologizing for why you are getting in to it? Know in your heart that this is a calling and realize you aren't in it for the money and you will do well.

And, not sure about this 8:00a stuff. If 8:00a is your groan point, be aware that there are actually earlier hours in the day. My shift starts with a 0400 wakeup call...and it covers two, yes 2, nights. There are some shifts when I see more night time than I do day light.

...welcome to the City. Don't be afraid to jump in and feel free to use us durng your education, and after.

And, don't ever apologize for getting into this business again. k? :D

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