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Oh, yeah, "B. A. Barrakus, the initials stood for (allegedly) "Bad Attitude".

And the nutcase pilot, Murdoch, was Captain H. M. Murdoch, for "Howling Mad". That tidbit was on an episode when "HM" was on Wheel of Fortune. Pat and Vanna kept calling him "H. M."

I concur that "Face" was only called "the Face-man" by Murdoch.

As for the Robot Commando, that thing stood about 2 and a half feet tall, shot 2 spring loaded "missiles" out of it's head, and it's left arm was a catapult for a 1/2 inch big ball. The thing today, would probably never make it to market, as too dangerous (that thing will put your eye out, kid!).

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probably not Rich, but alot of good toeys have been banned with all of these supposed choke hazards, safety hazards. I really dont understand the paper tube size testing. Most young kids that would swallow something probably cant even get their mouth around the end of a paper tube. :roll:

Not missing the point, as I understand it is a way to see if an object can fit into a kids mouth possibly a choking hazard.

Kids are going to stick things in their mouth ragerdless,its there way of exploring the world.

Whatever happened to actually watching your kid play???? My my the days have gone by, now the TV is the preferred babysitter. Thank god my kid doesnt have the attention span to even sit and watch a TV for longer than a min or two. I would rather her be out side playing anyway.


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Anyone else remember "My Mother, the Car," or "My Living Doll," respectively, an old car haunted by the main character's deceased mom's voice through the car radio, and a lovely humanoid robot (forgot who played her, but she was a "looker!").

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It's kind of sad but I still have my NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) cassette tapes and still know most of the songs...

My Little Pony, Care Bears, Popples.

Does anyone remember the Fisher Price toys? They had the houses and the people figures that are no bigger then my thumb..I still have them all stored in the attic (for my kids some day). I also have the ambulance, fire truck and fire station..I used to fight over them with my little sister!

Sneakers with Velcro and those socks with the stripes at the tops?

The white leather Keds with the rhinestones embedded in them? (the stones fell out after awhile)

Romper Room? Magic Garden?

I used to ride backwards in my mom's old Plymouth station wagon with the fake wood paneling on the outside..it didn't have seat belts! :?

This is more recent..I used to watch Animainiacs after school on channel 11 (I think) Yakko, Wakko and Dot!

Still can sing the Gummie Bears and Duck Tails theme songs.

My dad used to put on RECORDS on Sunday nights and we used to dance in the living room to the Twilight Zone theme song..now you tell kids about records and they look at you like you are nuts! :roll:

Boy I feel old!

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Does any one remember the Commodor 64 computer, had a casette tape memory drive. Romper room, Have not heard that in a long time, Pin wheel. Captian Kangaroo. Mr Rogers. Always loved the A team, Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazzard. On CMT now, Have not missed an episode yet. MTV when there was actually music. Decent music. Guns-n-Roses.

Ronald Ragan

Man i miss the 80's

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Richard B.

She was beautiful Julie Newmar !!!

The orginal CATWOMAN

I went and looked up "My Mother the Car", and it starred Jerry Van Dyke.

"My Living Doll" was Ms Newmar, the best portrayal of the Batman's nemesis, better than the others (until Halle Berry, anyway).

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Since I was thinking about old TV shows...anybody remember the name of that show that had the robot girl who lived with a family..I think she "slept" in a closet..I seem to think her name was Vickie and I have part of a theme song in my head...Boy I feel old!

Thanks guys this has been bugging me for days!

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