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Tom and Jerry

Sylvester and Tweety

Pink Panther

Punky Brewster

Pippi Longstocking

" I pity the fool"-Mr.T and A Team

Scooby Doo

Magnum PI

Richie Rich

Yogi and Boo Boo

Atari- great fun


can't think of the name for the toy but it had 2 big wheels and you sat in the middle had handles you steered with....anyone remember those? lots of hours spent in that.

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KSEMT that was the "Green Machine"... do you remember the name of the "Cool / good looking guy on the A Team".. or the Crazy one?

How many of you remember Wax Lips... Pops Soda Shop.... or the A & W Papa, Mama & Baby Burgers (and sodas) at their Drive In?

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I remember him as Face, but I think Murdock called him Faceman... I can't remember George Peppards Characters name though.

I miss the old A&W's... Sonic is good, but definitely not the same.. oh.. and the frosty mugs with your draft rootbeer... MMMMMMMMM

*cleans drool from keyboard*

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September 12, 1960, as Hurricane Donna was causing a coastal tidal surge in my neighborhood, and I'm at a friend's house playing with a "Robot Commando."

Anyone else remember that toy?

How about a Johnny Reb Cannon? OR am I dating myself?

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