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There was another female smurfe close to the end of the programs run.... I can't remember her name though... I want to say swampette, but I think maybe that was a nickname for one of the girls who rode my bus... LOL... Anyway, who remembers Mr. Green Jeans, and Mr. Moose... oh, and Mr. Goodbody.

Also, do you remember THIS song...

Brush your teeth, round and round

Circle small gums and all.

A small soft toothbrush the round and round way,

Keeps your gums healthy and stops tooth decay,

so clean very carefully three times a day,

go round, and round.

Yep... I'm old.

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I remember........

The candy dots that were stuck to paper, they never came completely off, you had to spit the paper out while eating them,

Go speed racer, need I say more

Saved by the bell

MTV when it still played rock

Sunkist in glass bottles

The little fuzzy balls on the back of socks that went with the high-top reeboks

When gas was like $0.89 a gallon( i think i was 15 or 16)

Prayer in school

Pixy stix

The purses that looked like stuffed animals...i had a frog and a bear

What about Transformers?????? Anyone remember those? The were a robot and a 18wheeler all in one

Labyrinth, Nightmare on Elm Street

Beastie Boys, Lisence to Ill

Ok enough...........too much

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Speed Racer has had at least 2 incarnations, and is back for a 3rd round, doing a commercial for Geico Insurance.

Trixie: "Speed, the bridge is out! but I have some good news, I can save a bundle by getting Geico!"

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Capt. Midnight ( I wish I still had one of the decoder rings).

Westerns where a six-shooter shot 20 to 50 times before it had to be reloaded. ( Gun Smoke , Tales of Texas rangers, and THE LONE RANGER)


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"Fizzies", RC Cola, Dark Shadows- Barnabas Collins, Psychedelic colors, Tye Dye shirts the first time... Flower power, I even had tea with Jimmy Carter when he was running for President...........Killer Beez.....Animal House ....F & B ambulance... Partridge Family (Oh okay Susan Dey!) .. Horsehack, John Trovalta when we thought he was stupid (what, where, when) ... Tom Hanks when we thought he was a cross dresser...Billy Joel was a true singer and Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Knicks was HOT !), Chicago was not just a name of a city..... stand in line for days before concert events.. ( hell that was the most important event) thanx Led Zeppelin for not showing up after 3 days in the rain) Jethro Tull... Pink Floyd - dark side of the moon concert ( what I remember of it) ......when we heard Peter Frampton say the F*** word in a song !, George Carlin 7 words you can't say on T.V...made sense. Rated M for mature adults...oh, it 10 o'clock do you know where your children are?


Ridryder 911

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