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Medics with science backgrounds...or...not...


Medic background...Science, or Vocation?  

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    • Medics with science backgrounds are always better...
    • Medics with vocations backgrounds are much better...

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Really, this can misleading. One of medicine is from science and art. Vocation can interpreted as hands on training without knowing or understanding the rationale why you perform tasks.

For education purposes, until we remove it from the vocation training we will never be respected or receive the pay we should get. In comparison the Paramedic would be equivalent to an LPN or LVN...

Be safe,

Ridryder 911

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I'm still not exactly certain what you're saying. But yes, I believe the minimal entry level education for EMS should be collegiate and include a much stronger scientific foundation.

But then again, I have to say that it should also include a lot more vocational (read: clinical) education than it currently does too.

Regarding the poll, neither choice works for me, as there is no "always" rule which applies to individual medics.

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If that is the case, then yes, I agree that science should be added to the course of study. Biology, A & P and chemistry. This does not however replace vocational study. Knowing about the above mentioned courses is all well and good, but knowing how to use this knowledge is just as critical.

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Quite frankly, its hard to have the understanding of physiology and pathophysiology needed to be a good medic if you don't have university level chemistry I&II and biology I&II under your belt. Plus you sound smart too.

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