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New Rig Purchase Commision

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Just wish the other companies would keep appointments. Its bad enough to get the other people together on their days off only to get a call that the dealer can't show.

Don't know who I'm paraphrasing, but sometimes the biggest thing is simply being there. No show to appointments is not looking like they care about having you as a customer.

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Thanks EMS. Yes we just started the process and its already pulling me in every direction.

We are following our steps and hopefully that will help keep us organized.

Just wish the other companies would keep appointments. Its bad enough to get the other people together on their days off only to get a call that the dealer can't show. If ti keeps up PL will win just by customer service alone.

That was the same thing we found when shopping for a new rig. One company called back to say that" If your really serious about buying one of our trucks , we can probably get a demo up for you to see"

This was from the builder who's rig we had been running for 14 years and were very satisfied with. We didn't follow up with them as it felt like they couldn't be bothered to send a sales rep up with a demo to answer questions about their product. Granted they had been bought out by a major fire truck manufacturer who likes to deal with services buying in large numbers.

The second company "H" sent a truck out that was nothing like we were interested in buying and it had the "problems" with the multiplexxing touch screens being so confusing that the rep couldn't even make it work reliably. They were also the high bidder , with much less warrantees offered.

When I call the PL rep he asked me when we wanted a demo, and actually made several trips down to make sure everyone had a chance to learn all about their trucks features.

Their motto is:

Fanatical customer service everyday

They mean it. I called them last week because the clock in the back had started running on Newfie time, running 15-20 minutes off even though we reset it. I asked if there was an adjustment that I could make to fix it.

Two days later , we had a brand new clock delivered from the factory in NJ by UPS. This is on a two year old ambulance.

Customer service is a big priority in making loyal customers.

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Ok folks time for an update. Looks like we have a winner :thumbsup:

Went with the company that made our old rigs (Hortons). WOW what customer service. This guys are on the ball.

We have a fully speced out sweet rig AND came in under budget!!!! Thanks team :shiftyninja:

2011 Ford F450 Diesel 4x4 (might even get a 2012 depending on Ford)

Type 1 165"wb 84"

Model 457

All tricked out inside, we were able to get a few things standard so we upgraded other stuff and added a few bells and whistles from the wish list. What we really like is the back has AIRBAGS!!! Yes you read that right airbags. Every position except the cot has an airbag module. In addition to 4 point seat belts. It also has HEPA w/ UV filtration and antimicrobe coating on everything. Think we worried about safety a little??? :devilish:

We went with the multiplex BUT no touch screens. Just your basic membrane switches. Even have really cool privacy windows on the thing. Normally clear but hit the switch and everything goes opaque. Keeps those pesky bystandards from seeing what we are doing.

Also like the interior lighting, both flourecent and LED. I like the LEDs because I can dim them to check eyes but still have enough to see. The fluorecents are nice when doing cleanings and at fire rehabs, just gives that all around light. Being we have the choice now I dont have to blind my patients with lights, keep the fluorecents off and just use the LEDs which are a softer whiter light and are also not placed directly over the patient's head area.

Outside we went with all LEDsof course :devilish: Now the ISS will know we are on call LOL OK not that bad but really lite it up, maybe folks will see us now :rolleyes2: Also went ahead and got the rear done in the cheveron pattern (again went above and beyond with the safety). Went blue and white not green and yellow or red and yellow. Need to stand out from the fire boys a little :whistle:

Everything else is pretty much the same as other rigs. We did have them put in the electronic lift for the main tank and added a O2 port on the floor right next to the back door. The concept behind that port is fire rehab, can hook the multiport to it and just have the fire boys sit on the rear step or the ground and not have to dirty up the inside.

Once we get this beast built and delivered I will post up picks for everyone and of course let you all know when the wet down is :thumbsup::beer:

Thanks again everyone for the insights and assistances! Much Appreciated!!

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Don't forget to post pictures of the new baby after delivery.

Thats without a doubt Richard and I will also post up the wet down details as well :thumbsup:

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Excellent choice with the Horton rigs. My company is all Horton with Ford E450 diesel chassis, we have 16 ambulances in total. Our last four ambulances have had a special safety configuration that replaces the bench seat with a forward facing captain's chair with a three point harness and is also setup with a LP12 mount with drawers below. The concept is the for 90% of the calls we do can be done with the provider sitting in the forward facing seat, hopefully with the seatbelt on. Again congrats on a great ambulance. We have had great success with the multiplex system, especially in the summer and winter where you can get the A/C or heat going on the way to the call.

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