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It is worth mentioning that planning can go a long way with this kind of stuff. If you can avoid it, don't backboard someone on the floor. If they are already sitting on a couch or on a chair, or on a ledge of some sort, get them immobilized right where they are so that you minimize the amount of lifting you've got to do.

Also, don't be afraid to call for help. Every town has police and fire, call them if need be. Don't get caught up in the macho "I can lift anything" BS, because nothing is worth risking an injury. Be safe out there!

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Seen it too often when crews don't call for help with lifting (even the well known biggins). They will come back to the station complaining about how heavy they were and how they are sick of transporting them. Well.. people were around to come help! But that is besides the point.

The OP is asking what to do if you have no help. I have to agree with what fiznat said. But if you are "immobilizing" them I would assume you are talking about neck/back injury. You don't want to screw around with moving them around to get them up and lifted. If you have one of those slider boards.. they work really great for moving heavier patients. Also, use leverage if at all possible. Tie a sheet through the back board handles and run up to your arms and tie it together.. putting your arms through and create a fulcrum.

Like everyone else has said too.. if you can't get FD.. try for PD.. if not them.. fire police.. even bystanders if need be. DO NOT hurt yourself doing this. Last thing you need is adding yourself to the patients list. If you have to wait for help.. then wait. If no help will come... then ask bystanders. I am sure any responsible employer/service/county will find SOMEONE to come help you.

edit: commercial lifting straps.. and yes they do actually help a lot


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