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Are we really the whores that people think we are ?

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I noticed in school even, as some students got particlarly close due to touching and probing that goes into class.........

Probing...... Sounds like you had quite the class!!

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You wouldn't believe :rolleyes2:

my EMT class was just like that. You wouldn't believe.

Almost half the class hooked up with someone before the class was over. Hell, even the instructor hooked up with one of the students, but they may have been dating prior to class starting, I don't know.

I even hooked up with a couple of the girls there. Many of these students were not planning on going on to EMS careers, they were housewives and single women looking for a fun class and even more fun outside of class.

it was definately a fun and exciting class to have been in.

My medic class was much more subdued with only one or two couples resulting out of 65 people. Even one of those couples ended up getting married.

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WOW Ruff :blink: Thats alot more then mine. I think out of it 4 or 6 people hooked up. A few females in the class were already married so they were pretty straight in class. It was the 20 somethings that went a little nutty.

We had one female go from partner to partner until a hookup happened, I avoided her like the plague.

Our instructors were already married so it was fun hearing them go back and forth with one another during different lectures.

wow after reading the school responses maybe we are all whores LOL :wtf2::fish:

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remember, I said that most of the class were people who were not interested in a EMS career. They had no incentive to really do anything but come to class and flirt/hookup, plus they were sometimes the ones who wanted to play victim when patient assessment came around.

The ones who really were flagrant about getting together after class were the married housewives.

When class started we had 48 people in it. At the end of class we had 19 people sit for the state test. All the rest had either dropped out or just decided not to take the state test for the above reasons.

It was one of the most fun classes I have taken. I was going to UMKC in KC Mo for my bachelors degree and took the EMT class on the side. I knew what I wanted to do but my parents who were paying for my schooling made me promise I'd get my bachelors before I started working on the ambulance. Smart parents.

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understand that. My class was like that somewhat. The housewives were going from either ER nurse (not RN) or RNs that were bored and wanted to get on rigs so they kept it civil.

The 20 somethings, I think some were younger then that, teens maybe.. now those were the nutty ones. I know what you mean about victims. We had 2 that would be on the ground before practicales even started. LOL

I hung around with the few folks that I knew were going to make a carrer out of it. We had our study group and pushed each other. We didnt have the awkaward giggling at things or a touching during assesment. It was straight foward they way we would handle ourselves in a real situation.

I think it boils down once again to what has been said before. If you have the moral integerity then it wont happen, if you have the moral fortitude of one of our lovely celebrity criminals then well I need not explain.

As a side topic I began thinking of how the person is a provider besides either an EMSex or what-have-you. I think those that would consider it are also the ones that will fudge PCRs (12 if they are breathing 18-20 if ill w/o even looking, 120/80 cause it looks good, ect ect ect) I wont go off on a tangent here, i will make it another thread though....

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