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Bill Seeks To Have Denists Classified As Emergency Responders

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Dentists ARE included as part of the NIMS response. As doc mentions, they can be valuable assets in a mass disaster, but I would not classify them as emergency responders in any sense of the word. Yes, dentists are "doctors" but when is the last time a doctor needed to treat a fractured bone, a cardiac issue, or anything else below the mouth? I've responded to dental offices for things like allergic reactions to anesthetics, syncope, or excessive bleeding and they really are out of their element in an emergency situation. Things like identifying bodies via dental records is vital- albeit a secondary action in terms of mitigating a disaster. Obviously they ARE medically trained, and in a pinch they are certainly better than a bystander who is a carpenter.

As the article says, this is about getting federal funding for Dental schools:

"The bill doesn't cost anything, but according to Stupak and Miller, denying dentists the emergency-response provider designation has meant that dental schools have at times been refused federal public health and medical response training funds."

I see no harm in the declaration, unless dentists will be providing front line medical care in an emergency situation. I doubt such a declaration will change their roles in a NIMS governed MCI.

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Herbie, as you said, Dentists ARE included as part of the NIMS response, and things like identifying bodies via dental records is vital- albeit a secondary action in terms of mitigating a disaster.

Dispatched secondary to NIMS is a mortuary unit, only I forget their agency "name". Could you, or anybody else, refresh my memory on that name or acronym?

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Of interest, a dentist aided a wounded police officer during the North Hollywood shootout.


Although in reading the article, I don't know why the author refers to dentists and MDs as "colleagues and rivals.". Colleagues? Sometimes. Rivals? Certainly not. We're not in competition any more than psychiatrists and OB/Gyns.

I have 2 friends that "past tense" were Paramedics and then became DDS (a far better paycheck btw) they also do conscious sedation (I bet both push more meds and start IVs than most in EMS do in a day) and both are ACLS instructors, both would be a good choice in a major wreck.

One even has his commercial aviation licence and his own twin engined pressurized aircraft that would be an added bonus .... most certainly.

Dentists are a major supporters and economic supporter of CSPS (the Canadian Ski Patrol System) and have been supporters of the Blood Samples Act, so that we ALL in Canada can gain access to information on a "bug eater patient" that refuses or is unconscious, to provide a sample of blood, in the event that any health care provider inadvertently gets a needle stick.

I agree the "rival" comment 'zilla it is way off base and very uninformed :withstupid:


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