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Bill Seeks To Have Denists Classified As Emergency Responders

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I don't know about that, although it might be a good thing.

I have to research if this was implemented, but there were rumblings a few years ago, that NYC 9-1-1 EMS responders wouldn't respond to addresses where a Doctor had an office, on presumption the doctor would provide medical assistance. Someone forgot to take into account that not all doctors are MDs or DOs, some might be dentists, or like my brother, a Doctor of Education (still has the title of Doctor, however). They also forgot that even (or especially) Medical Doctors have office hours, and might not be "in" when the upstairs neighbor starts having chest pain at 0217 hours.

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My dentist is very active with the disaster mortuary teams, helping to identify victims, and has deployed to multiple disaster sites. I think it is reasonable that they be classified as emergency responders. I have also taught ACLS to large numbers of dentists that are providing sedation for office procedures, so they do have some lifesaving skills.

Of interest, a dentist aided a wounded police officer during the North Hollywood shootout.


Although in reading the article, I don't know why the author refers to dentists and MDs as "colleagues and rivals.". Colleagues? Sometimes. Rivals? Certainly not. We're not in competition any more than psychiatrists and OB/Gyns.

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Doczilla makes some great points. In addition, some of the most challenging problems that I had to deal with overseas in areas with limited medical resources (not unlike a disaster area) were dental and ocular conditions.

Take care,


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I tried to make an appointment with my dentist, but he deferred, saying he had 18 cavities to fill. Then he picked up his golf bag and left.

When I had the appointment, he had me in the chair, and he said "that's the biggest cavity I've ever seen, ever seen"

"Doctor, why are you repeating yourself?"

"I didn't. That was the echo from that cavity!"

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Along the lines of what Doczilla and CH were saying. I could see Dentists being classified as Emergency Responders for Disaster response. Not necessarily for initial care of victms or evacuees, but in support of the responders themselves.

Dental care or lack there-of is the number one culprit in the delay in mobilizing soldiers, especially in the National Guard and Reserves. I could see how that statistic could fit into deploying civilian providers to disaster areas.

Anyway, just a thought.

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