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EMT Student!


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Hi All! My name is Samantha. I am starting EMT classes in about 3 weeks! I am so excited- I am borderline giddy about it. I am so confident, and satisfied, about my career choice and goals. It is a great feeling to have finally decided what I want to do with the rest of my life! I have a wonderful, supportive man and two beautiful little girls to help me through it all! It was awesome to find this site, and has really helped me understand more about what I'm getting in to. Thanks to everyone for posting your thoughts, experiences and questions! I am so ready for all of it!

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Hi Samantha!! Welcome to the wonderful world of EMS! it is a very tough field to be in (especially for a woman) but very rewarding and SO worth it! I have been an EMT Basic for 10 years and as of last year upgraded my cert to EMT-Critical Care. Loving every minute of it! I wish you good luck and if you need any advice/have questions/just want to complain or talk feel free to reply back!


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You sounded like me when I was about to start class. I just got my national registry and am currently looking for a job. The only advice I can give you is what my teacher told me.

"Study hard, remember you did not hurt them, and adapt because most of the time you can't follow a skills sheet"

and on clinicals the skills sheets went out the window but I learned a lot!

Good Luck!


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Welcome Smantha!

You're about to enter a field that is constantly changing/evolving. I hope that you're prepared to become a 'perpetual student'!

I also hope that as you progress through the EMT-B course, you'll be inspired to keep 'moving up the food chain'. If you do, don't be surprized when you find that you only thought you 'knew' the former level. As an EMT-Intermediate/Paramedic student, I find that even though I thought I 'knew it all', I actually knew only enough to get myself into trouble.

Good luck in your endeavors!!


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thanks everyone... i appreciate the encouraging words!

i am so ready! i just wish my classes would start... i still have some time to waste- and was wondering what i could do in the mean time to prepare myself even more? anyone have any info on good websites, books, contacts?



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