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hello. im a brand new emt from arizona, and am going to be moving to las vegas. i was wondering if anyone could fill me in on what the ems system is like there and also what the ambulance companies are like.

It's as high tech as CSI Vegas. All the bells and whistles for all the Vegas companies.

I really don't have a clue so I'm gonna shut it now.

Actually click on this link. IT's a pretty good Google search.


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I was a Medic in Las Vegas for a couple of years. If you're new and want the experience of a lifetime then yes, Las Vegas would be fun. Don't expect to raise a family there, not a great city for it (reason I left). It's a ballbusting system for sure! You get worked to the bone, hardly ever get off on time, and run a ton of BS calls. I'm not complaining because I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Most of my best friends still work there! AMR and Medicwest (owned by AMR) are the privates that transport. City fire (good guys) and Clark County Fire (complete wastes of space, money, air, etc) are the two first in providers. There is a lot of political struggling going on right now. FD's are being told to slash their budgets for face layoffs so they are pushing to transport. Eitherway it's a good place, great people, tons of drama (if you're into that crap). Send me a message and I'll give you contact info.

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