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Classic EMS pranks...


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Thought I might toss out there a chance to share a few EMS station prank stories...im sure there is some entertainment to be had here...

My best two are...

My boss went on vacation a few years back...while he was gone we listed his house for sale with a realtor...he came to to people touring his house...

We signed the same boss up for a NAMBLA membership...and had his membership goodies sent to him through the hospital mail system...

anyone else? Im in the mood for some levity...

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This is sort of a prank.

I had a new partner once. Eighteen year old girl right out of high school and EMT school. She was drop dead gorgeous. About 5'11" and built like a supermodel. She was nice enough, but she was overly enthusiastic and too eager to prove herself. She would mimic anything I did in order to fit in. But since she was so eager, I figured I'd have some fun with it.

The station was a small apartment with a small, two-bunk bedroom, a living room/kitchen combo, and a bathroom. The bedroom and bathroom were separated by the living room. I knew this chick didn't have a clue what was normal for station life. And I wasn't going to stop getting comfortable to relax just because there was a girl around. So, like always, I took off my uniform shirt when we were at the station. She did too. Then that evening, after a long day in the heat, I stripped to my underwear and grabbed my bag and towel and headed for the bathroom to take a shower. When I was in the bedroom getting dressed afterwards, she walked in, stripped butt naked, tossed a towel over her shoulder, and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. I was shocked, but not unpleasantly so! Anyhow, this continues for many shifts, with her (and me) frequently walking around the station topless or in her underwear, showering with the door open, and basically living like nudists. Then finally, she worked a shift with another medic one day. The very next day, I walk into the office and the other medic grabbed me and took me into a private office. He was freaking out, haha. He was like, "Dude, that girl is a FREAK! She runs around the station naked!!'

He ended up having an affair with her and his wife found out and trashed the station. They were both fired. :lol:

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While doing ride time for my medic the supervisor I was riding with took out his hurricaine spray and sprayed another medic while he was sleeping. He immediately got a call and couldn't stop drooling on himself. Another time we baby powdered the vents of a buddy's bus so that when they went out they got blasted with powder. My favorite though is a prank played on one of my supervisors at my pt job. He is a horrible snorer and the crew kept telling him if he didn't sleep somewhere else they would get him. He of course blew them off thinking they wouldn't do anything. Well they did. They bought a package of frozen hot dogs and bored out a hole lengthwise. Pushed an IV line through it. Walked up to him while he was sleeping with the hot dogs peeking out from their pants and opened up with the IV. He started sputtering and when he opened his eyes you can just imagine what he thought he was seeing. Makes me laugh everytime I think of it. :lol:

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This is a story one of my friends told me about.... they are bad, bad, children.... hahaha

The cheif likes to make all the "juniors" (eek can't believe I said that) wash the fire trucks before they put them back in service after a call. Of course, he is REALLY picky about how they are cleaned.... so one day, they all got tired of it, and thought they should pull a prank on him..... they got out the nice roll of duct tape, and let's just say he couldn't open the door to his truck and had to crawl in through the passengers side with a pair of scissors... by the way, don't do that, or they extend your probationary period...... haha......


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40mg of expired Lasix in a really a hole medics coffee while he wasnt looking... had no idea why he was peeing all day long.

then there was the morbidly obese medic. this guy was so fat that the steering wheel would constantally rub against his belly when he drove and he had a permanent rash from it. we are talking 5 to 6 hundred pounds. nobody knew how he passed a medical. he was not a nice guy so...we took pictures of two of us standing in his pants (with room to spare I might add) and put them up in his locker and all over the station...the best part was he continued to make fun of fat people on television, at least he was a little bit nicer and started showering.

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