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Should the elderly be allowed to continue to drive?

Should the elderly be allowed to continue to drive?  

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    • Yes, they have as much right to keep driving as the rest of us
    • Yes, but only after stringent and repeated vision testing
    • Yes, but only with exemptions
    • No, they're a danger to everyone else on the road.

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This has been a topic of discussion in one of my classes at school- whether the elderly (due to normal decline in vision and response times, as well as various pathological processes) should be allowed to continue to drive. The reason behind this is on of the public safety golf carts on campus was struck by an elderly driver (luckily no one was hurt in the low-speed collision), who claimed that he did not see the BRIGHT WHITE golf cart with the FLASHING AMBER LIGHT on top of it in the intersection which is marked with two large "PEDESTRIAN CROSSING" signs, each with a FLASHING CAUTION LIGHT. This happened in the middle of the day, but this elderly gentleman apparently didn't realize they were there until he heard the "THUD" of the collision.

I recall reading somewhere that while teenagers are more likely to kill themselves, or people in the same vehicle with them, that the elderly kill nearly as many people, most often pedestrians and persons in other vehicles. I'll try to find the article to back this up.

Should people have their licenses restricted or revoked upon reaching a certain age? Should more frequent health checkups (vision tests specifically) be required? Should special exemption to continue to drive past the age of 65 be required?

And, yes, I know this type of legislation would never get passed because of the legislative clout of organizations such as the AARP.

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I'm not only going to post in this thread to poke the Yeti, (No worries, most won't get it.)(And no, that's not a euphemism.) But because I feel pretty strongly about this topic so I'm glad that it's

One of the things I have found is a comparison of the elderly (defined in an arbitary number as anyone over 65) & the young (a number I choose!!) usually under 25's is technology. When the 'e

Ok, I'll bite too... Although the majority of the MVCs I have been on have been related to DUI's (and there are laws regarding that ) I have been on quite a few elderly patients lately and I ho

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Actually, I used to think the elderly was worse. But, recentlly have changed my mine ( no not because I am getting older L.O.L) Since most schools have abandoned drivers education, I have seen an increase in teen fatalaties & reckless driving. It is a shame some schools has done this since most people will need this skill for the rest of their life ( more so than civics or even history).

I agree routine testing for persons over 65-70. But the same should be true until age of 25 or so, with vehicle experience.

Be safe,

Ridryder 911

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The only problem I have is that they only have to take the written test, sometimes not even that to renew their liscense. I think it sould be mandatory for everyone to have a written and driving test every ten years or so. Due to new technology, new laws etc things change and you should be required to learn these new rules as well as be tested on them.

My two cents.


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Rules change, and I certainly agree that a re-testing procedure would help assure that drivers stay abreast of those changes. For example, I would bet that more than half of the drivers in Texas honestly don't have a clue that it is illegal to drive in the left lane of the highway when not passing. And they sure don't know that it is required that they give a one-lane buffer to parked emergency vehicles. Re-testing would solve that problem.

But what we are talking about here is a deterioration of skills, not knowledge. And skills can only be measured through a driving test. That is what needs to be re-tested to weed out incompetent drivers of all ages.

Anyhow, you need a "none of the above" choice for your poll. None of them address the problem adequately. It is more complex than age itself.

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Sure, great idea, of course my 98 y/o neighbor who has been driving the local ambulance since 1929 is probably a better driver than I am. And teenagers should never be allowed behind the wheel, I've seen enough of them killed. Really, more so today than in the 60's. Even though most serious injuries today were fatalities then.

Say 21 to replace 16; and 23 to replace 18.

Stringent safety guidelines for persons 65-70, yearly eye and driving exams 70-80, and 6 month eye exams 80+. Provided free of cost by the DMV for those who still like to eat and take life saving medications.

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Require a yearly retest for all drivers, regardless of age. I'd agree the primary problem is 16-25 and 75+, there are numerous people in the "safe ages" that also, well, for a lack of a better term, suck.

If safety of the general public is what your after, thats the way to do it.


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They should be able to, "Only" after completing a Yearly Written, Driving Test along with a Yearly Eye exam.

Who is "they"? Where do you draw the line between "them" and "us?" And what objective criteria do you use to come up with that standard? Does your criteria have a scientifically valid basis, or is it arbitrary, and therefore ripe for appeal?

It ain't cut and dried.

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