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Miami Medical Most Realistic Medical Show Ever?

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In a recent episode, the English doctor, trying for funding, tells of the "bum" on blood thinners, the bicyclist who went flying from hitting the bum's shoe, and the passenger in the car that hit him. Great, they fixed up all of them.

The telling point, however, was that the driver of the car, also injured when the bicyclist flew into the windshield, died from being taken to a non-trauma center hospital ER, delaying her getting to the Trauma Center "in time" (presume here the Golden Hour").

It also helps that I am still somewhat enamored of guest star Shari Belafonte.

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So how many watched? How realistic it was. REALLY I WOULD NEVER JOKE ABOUT IT. I mean daily I see Dr's, RN's, and Paramedics perform that one last life saving procedure then just lose it and rip al

I'm debating whether I have another hour to waste giving it one more chance.

Now come on you will watch because it has eye candy? I am so ashamed of you. But seriously is it worse than trauma? I never even watched an episode of trauma because the commercials were so b

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