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What the heck should I do?

If you are tired from having an arguement that carrying concealed firearms on an ambulance while working EMS is a bad idea, should you just give up if you're not getting through?  

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    • Yes. You fought the good fight, they ain't gonna listen till they end up in court, let it go.
    • No. Hang in there. You might not convince them, but you can still make them look foolish.
    • Patrick Buchanan

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On a different EMS site that will remain nameless (It is of poorer quality than this one and I recognize diverting traffic to a rival site is not something that the administrator would want), I have been having an arguement for DAYS now with two people who think carrying concealed firearms (with the appropriate permits), while working EMS is a pretty nifty idea. I have written more on that thread than I think I ever did in college. Should I just give up or keep up the fight?

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Keep fighting it.

These idiots make the rest of us look like a bunch of security- guard - wants - to - be - a - cop assholes.

Not to mention what will happen to them if it all goes horribly wrong.

Besides, are they willing to pull the trigger? They may say they are, but I bet my bottom dollar they'd hesitate and wind up getting shot.

Or hey, take a more proactive approach, and try to find out who they really are and report them to their respective services.

I love guns, I love em.

But on this one, I agree. Leave the damn things at home for God's sake.

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If you carry a weapon onto an ambulance you know for certain there is at least one way a violent patient can kill you. Definitelty not worth packing heat on the ambulance. I don't care how good you are with your gun, someone can always catch you off guard and overpower you.

Hang in there and fight the good fight!


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So these people then would be willing to use their concealed weapon while working in EMS? I wonder what their service would think about their carrying?

As for arguing with them, what's the point? Obviously they are right and you are wrong in their opinion so you won't be able to get them to see the light.

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Like others have pointed out, carrying a firearm while on duty just gives non-cooperative patients another option when they choose to hurt you. Sure, if you're lucky, a firearm may help you, but more often than not it probably will do more harm than good.

Our service has a policy expressly forbidding the possession of firearms/weapons while on duty and/or on service property and at service functions. The only exception is law enforcement personnel acting as such.

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Life is too short to waste time having a forum fight with others once you've stated your point more than twice.

That said, if you have strong convictions regarding any issue (and I totally agree with you on this issue), keep working on it. It would be a shame to lose EMTs to psychotic patients that found a more dangerous weapon than a fist.

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