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Intubation question.


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I looked at the pics of the face-to-face method and it seems like it would just be awkward. Personally, I think I would just go for the digital intubation in that situation.

As for holding the laryngoscope in the left hand, we've been told in class that even if you are left-handed you are to hold the blade in your left hand. I would think left-handed people would have an advantage in this regard since the major issue some of my classmates seem to be having is use of proper technique in displacing the patient's anatomy due to lack of strength in their non-dominant hand. I could be wrong though...

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Hey EMS folks:  new to the site. Interesting topics though. I'm a 

B.S., RRT-Clinical Specialist of 26 years. Cut me some slack, I'm not EMS.  I enjoy working with you folks in ED.  The right hand intubation method question, no idea.  Never attempted it.  I'm ambidextrous but always intubated left.  That is until we started using the GlideScope few years ago.  My strangest position with it has been intubating standing to the side of the bed and going backwards.  Those instruments are amazing. As for regular larygascope,  Mac or Miller, either work for me. Whatever the nurse hands me.

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