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Apparently, Michael Jackson was murdered...


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It IS my hope that I am NOT the only one on the planet that is "Michael-ed" out.

No Richard you arent the only one believe me I am too. Its kinda like the fire vs ems here on the boards ITS OLD......

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He's dead move on - nothing more to see here.

I still am waiting for him to be buried and then the lights go dim, the thriller music begins to play and here comes Michael clawing his way out of the ground dressed all to his thriller days get up. "Thriller, thriller da da da da da dada"

Now that's what I want to see.

But seriously is anyone surprised by 4 mgs of Ativan, 10 of valium, X amount of Versed and then 25mg of Propofol that he was unconscious or *gasp* dead.

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Ummm nooooooo :o

the problem is that if it took this many drugs to get michael to sleep I think it's safe to assume that he was taking these medications for many many months if not years. He more than likely developed a incredible tolerance to this stuff and the doctor (idiot) had no problems giving him this much stuff.

In our Er, when we give the amounts of drugs that were given to Michael we assign a nurse to be with that patient one on one. That's the only patient that they get for the duration.

RIP Michael but I can't say I was surprised at this turn of events.

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Hi all,

Is it just me or is there anyone else out there wondering what a powerful anesthetic drug like propofol is doing in the hands of a personal physician? Here it's only licences for use in hospitals and in a few cases, by EMS.

Still, at least I now know why it's restricted......


We have a SCT, Special Care Transport, truck in our service that is used to transport vent and high risk (possible care above standard ALS) adult patients to and from the leveled trauma, burn and other specility hospitals. They often get the very long distance trips as well. They are staffed with a Critical Care Medic and they carry Rock, Sux, and Diprivan for sedation and also Humalog. It is the only truck in our company, as well as this area of the state too ( I think), to carry these.

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Well just happended to flip channels and am watching MTV and Michael Jackson in his performance in Bucharest the "Dangerous Tour" ... MAN what a performance, the moves, the choreography, the music .... what a huge STAR he was, the over 60 thousand crowd screaming nuts crazy.

What POWER he had and the energy simply amazing ... a true American Icon and now a legend, I will never tire of Jacksons Music.

I have had the extreme pleasure of working for some of the biggest names in the biz .. um yes, Depp, Bloom, Swank, R. Williams, KD Lang and The Stones ... blah blah blah who really cares. BUT Never "made" the opportunity to watch M.J. LIVE and will now will aways regret that.

Actually, I don't care how the man died, he is gone now the efficacy of Diprovan is dose dependent and individual tolerance besides it would not be a bad way to go actually, I can think of many far worse ways to transition to the next journey.

Many in this area of entertainment are judged by media and influencing public opinion, I try to blow off the Tabloid B*** S*** and look to the mans accomplishments.

Just Don't Matter if Your Black Or White .......... cheers and RIP M.J. your music will Live ON.

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