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Cranky Ole' Dust


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LOL! Maybe. I dunno. I just figured he must have confused me with Kiwimedic or something.

I may be an angry old bastard, but I just don't see how this thread brings it out! :unsure:

In that thread, not at all. But it did bring to question, so how does everyone picture Dust as a caricature in their head?

For me it was kinda like this.

Minus the "Jewman Group" (though it still seems strangely appropriate) and the 90210 part.

And of course since turnabout is fair play, maybe we should make this a "Post Your Best Caricature of A Member" thread?

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Ya guys realize Ole Dusty's a totally jovial guy when you hang out with him, right?

For sure. I wouldn't have done it if I didn't like the guy. I just found it hilarious that he was catching flak on the other thread for being "mean" when he was perfectly supportive and nice. Actually, it reminded me a bit of this:

AND, that I should stop having Youtube and EMTCity open in separate tabs.

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You guys should cut him a break at his advanced age it's expected to be cranky. And all those male enhancement drugs probably give him roid rage. There comes a point in every mans life when he can be stressed about urinary function and what does dustdevil do? Depends

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well, dust does say he's from a special place in hell...just sayin' but hey you know we love cranky old men, otherwise he wouldn't still be around.

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