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Ninth Brain Suite - EMS Online Webinars

Does your service use 9th Brian Suites?  

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We recently started using the 9th Brain Suite for EMS online recertification and training. This system is basically pre-set programs from video to power-points that are uploaded to the web for a webinar as they call it. You then take an online test for credit. As a member of the service we do not pay as individual to take any program. There are about 100+ program avail including certain programs put on in "our section" that are specific to our service such as blood-bourne and haz-mat.

Take my poll and give me feedback.

So far it seems pretty good but we are running into the problem of paying our staff for time online. It registers the time you enroll into a program and when you complete it but it can literally be open for weeks and log that time. We are currently trying to get terminal in every station house for non-supervisor staff to use during down-time but you know how that goes.

Their site is different when you log in but here is some info on it if anyone wishes to check it out.


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I have not heard of this, but we use something similar here in PA. Although you cannot use all the credits you earn towards re certification, you can use a great deal of them.

Like any web-based/at home learning program. It lies on the provider to take it seriously. I have seen people sit down and take credits for other people, write down the answers for others to use and not even watch or listen to the lectures/videos. They do it for easy credit and not learn anything. Something you should look out for.

All in all, I think these are great for learning.

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