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"mild smoke inhalation, caused by burnt baked beans

person just wants checked out,

requests no lights or sirens"

only in jco

I have heard a lot of things sense I became and EMT and working at the FD. But never that one.

The no lights and sirens thing I don't get.

Why did they call 911?


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Just a few minutes ago, I heard the following on the sheriff's dept frequency: "Unit 89, Unit 74, respond to Walmart on a report of a 10-10 verbal (argument) between a woman and a seven year old

That must be why the NYPD, FDNY, and FDNY EMS refer to someone as "Being Under", as opposed to "Under Arrest", so we don't get erroneous calls for prisoners whose (alleged) hearts are still beating.

Don't want the neighbors to know there are large emergency, highly reflective vehicles with large diesel engines a couple houses down. Maybe the lights and siren would put them into stealth mode like happens on the road with the critical patient.

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This one night while at work the old radio fire up and we hear a "VERY"old female get on and say "This is the ST. **** Home and one of the fireman left his walkie-talkie here and it keeps making lots of noise"

This dept. had a call at the old nuns home earlier and one of the Firefighter/emts left his radio, and every time they were tapped out it bothered the nuns. Just funny.

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Base calling out PD cars' numbers presumably:

B1, B2, B3, B4

Unknown unit:

You sunk my battleship!


Clearing the scene:

PD Car 7:

Car 7 will be clear.

PD Car 8:

Car 8 will be clear.

Uknown unit:

Push to shock, push to shock!


During a snow emergency:

PD 1:

You can hear me right?

PD 2: What?


More snow emergencies:

PD car 1 is speculating about the way PD 2 sounded over the radio:

I have no clue what he was saying because he kept breaking up.

PD 2:

North 11th *static* stuck... *static*

PD 3 to PD 1:

I think he's stuck


Some more snow:

PD officer stuck in the snow, directing "rescue" efforts via radio:

More, more, more, more! OK thank you.


OK last one with snow:

PD 1:

Is the car working?

PD 2:

NO! I'm sitting in front of the high school, freezing!!!


PD is called out to check what was described by the caller as a large pile of glass in the middle of the street;

PD 1:

So... can we get someone to clean this up?

PD Headquarters:

You got a broom?

PD 1:

Negative. This pile is about 40x20 feet.


HQ: Car 1, head over to 123 Main St. Resident states she has deer on her porch... called 911 for it.

Car 1: OK, I'll check it out. What's the address?

HQ: 123 Main St.

Car 1: Deer on her porch???

HQ: Affirmative.

Car 1: Alright....

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EMS-1 respond to 412 N. Ridenour St. for a female unconscious but breathing! The way it comes across to all of scannerland is that the pt. is unconscious buttbreathing. I ask you, WHAT IS BUTT BREATHING? :?:

In Fountain County, Indiana, you never know. :lol::lol: (greetings from someone who grew up in Parke County) :wink:

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Dispatch: M3 delta respone **** Hospital for a woman in labor. She is screaming and they want her out of there.

M3: 10-4 M3 Responding to **** Hospital for screaming lady.

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I recently heard one of our loca fire chiefs state, "That looks Bad!, Chief 50 on the scene with command". He had pulled on scene of a Aircraft Down - Heavy alert. He didn't realize that he had keyed his mic up when he first started speaking. Don't worry, there was no one injured. A plane had lost it's landing gear and had to make a belly landing. Only the pilot was on board.

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