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Hey everyone,

I'm taking my NR paramedic test this week and it scares the h*ll out of me! Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for NR test jitters? Has anyone passed it first try?

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What are you afraid of? Personally, I found it a lot easier than my State test.

Take your time (you can do that with the NR) read each question twice, and choose the best answer to suit the question. You will often have more than one correct answer, so don't make the mistake of not looking at your other options.

Remember your ABCs, in that order, and forget about your county protocols.

Worst case scenario - take it again.

Good luck.

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I just took and passed it Friday. It was tough, don't be confused about it. It's not that you haven't covered the material, it's just the way the test is constucted is different than any other test I've ever taken. There is no good way to explain it that I can think of. I'll tell you my strategy though, and it worked for me.

First, understand that there will usually be at least two right answers to most questions. Narrow it down to those two and choose the best one.

Second, use the KISS principle. That means Keep It Simple Stupid. If your treatment choices are between atropine and O2, your answer is likely O2. It's first in the field right? Don't overthink it.

Third, take your time and think the questions through. You will be given WAY more time to take the test that you will use. Take all the time you need on any question that is giving you a problem. Most answers become self evident when you stop and think about it. You can at least narrow it down to two choices. A flip of the coin is better odds than a role of the dice.

Finally, know your cardiology, drugs and dosages. When I say know your cardiology, I don't just mean rhythms, but the A&P too.

All the practice tests are helpful, but not at all worded like you will see at registry, so take your time and adjust to the registry format as soon as you start the test. You'll be fine.

Good luck.

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It isn't as bad as you may be thinking. Take a listen to this interview with the Assoc. Director of the NREMT. He talks about the exam and how it really isn't designed to have people fail.


Good luck

Thank you Jim, that was a really interesting and informative interview. He explained everything very well and made the exam much more clear than anything I have read before, even from their site.

I suggest everyone listen to this interview, even if you already passed NR, plan to take it, or even if you are an educator.

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For cripe's sake, it's such an easy test. I had tests in middle school that were more difficult.

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