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Do you believe in Evolution?  

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>I've never met an atheist inside a structure fire... especially when the >floor gets spongy and the roof starts creaking and screaming..."

To be fair, I've met quite a few bible thumpers who suddenly put an awful lot of stock in modern science when they're headed up to the cath lab.

That, in recent memory, is one of the worst quotes I have ever read. I mean, you took "I've never met an atheist in a foxhole..." and just, wow... that is REALLY bad. Sounds like something I'd see on an airbrushed T-shirt at Wildwood. No offense. :D

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I think there is more evidence toward evolution than god. How does that go... All things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the correct one. So what seems more likely.

1. Some mysterious being that you never see created us from nothing. This sounds like a delusion to me.

2. Some microbe changed over time...

I am voting for number two

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Wow this conversation has really went haywire. I'm glad I haven't put my opinions in it. Proud of myself for not doing so. Looks like you all have a good "healthy" debate going on, makes for something interesting to read. :roll:

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Can't really call it a debate now can you, when basically only one side is presenting their case. But, don't worry my creationism friends, Bush is handing you "Intelligent Design" to offer your children in school. Teach them well and let them lead the way...

Progressive thinking George, kudos...

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