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Do you believe in Evolution?  

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Geez .. what is next . a coffee house with some junior yr. philosophy major debates..Aristotelian logic, fallacies, fundamentals of probability, decision theory, and game theory debates. Maybe we can throw in some Beatnik poetry as well and how we "should save the earth lectures ...

From some famous philosophers...

We're going to have the best-educated American people in the world."

Dan Quayle.

"I'm a philosophy major. That means I can think deep thoughts about being unemployed."

Bruce Lee.

"An intellectual is someone who has found something more interesting than sex."

Edgar Wallace

Be safe,

Ridryder 911

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No beef ..actually find it quite amusing.. remember when I also thought "It really mattered".. & stayed up all night drinking coffee ...& having deep philosophical debates..then realized, nobody really cares... & it doesn't change a thing in life...

Have fun debating....

Ridryder 911

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I'm just an EMT here to hang out and talk with my co-workers on a global scale about something that interests me.

I figured since this was is posted in the

Open Discussion Forum

An open forum for discussions on topics not related to other forums.

it would be ok...but I guess not.

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8 pages. F--- you Tibby for starting this.

I think Tibby only had one "-" but anyway.......anyway......... :P

I'm just an EMT here to hang out and talk with my co-workers on a global scale about something that interests me.

I'm here with ya bro. Several others are too, probably alot more, look at the views. It is just few choose to comment.

Nobody has really commented or challenged some of the comments I or others have made of contention to the whole creationism theory.

All I ask is for an attempt at proof.

But before the creationists and theists wax prophetically....I ask you this...

Myself.....errr no my cat created the universe, she is all knowing, all seeing, man.... always there (bothers me too, damn cat), tells me she created humans on a whim. She can do whatever she wants, but she has chosen to tell me. Evolutionary theory? Sounds good...I'll give it to ya for now....I have given these guys religion for so long, I'll drop some skulls in the ground...suckers. There are other planets, galaxies that "think" different, well you guys wouldn't be able to contemplate but... "in reality" she knows. "Jesus", heh for you I guess, alot of you guys believe in "Jesus". Believe what you want, I direct it, I create it....

Seems silly right? And still I impose human emotion, human though processes onto omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence. That is beyond all of us.

EDIT - And notice how I have that I "will give you evolutionary theory for now" (err wait my cat did). Religious theory was around for a long, long time, evolutionary theory has replaced it, for now. Evolutionary theory seems to be the most plausible now, just as religious theory was "fact" not to long ago. Of course I wasn't there, I cannot comment. Look at the last 100 years peeps, seriously, phenomenal what we have accomplished, I'm boggled. But don't let that jade you...

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