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Do you believe in Evolution?  

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I'm a fairly religious guy, hehehe, I can see all your jaws dropping from here.

I don't want to get into a debate about it, because it would probably rage for 6 or 7 pages like a debate on abortion or gun control. :lol:

But I don't believe in it. I believe in adaptation, but not evolution. It makes no sense to me.

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I am a religious person...and I believe in evolution. Some people tell me that this is a dichotomous argument, but I believe it works. No one ever said that we couldn't have creator-guided evolution. Who's to say that the Big Guy didn't set the ball rolling and kept it rolling in the right direction?

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UMass...that's a very similar idea as deism. The idea of the "watchmaker" god that set everything in motion at the beginning of time. It's most well-known proponent? Thomas Jefferson.

Me, I'm agnostic. I believe in evolution. We see random mutation on the genetic level all the time in lab studies. Combine that with environmental pressures and you get genetic adaptation. Behavioral adaptation is a completely different animal.

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"I believe in the big bang theory. God spoke, and *BANG!* it was."

I believe what the Bible says about creation.

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I believe in god, in a relatively christian sense.

however the denial of evolution, in my opinion, is plain silly....

That's my view on it as well. There is too much proof to deny it.

It is already proven that everything in the physical universe is run by certain physical laws. I believe God and/or the big band set the initial conditions, and everything since then has been energy being played out by the Laws, while, as Umass said, guiding everything along the way he wants it to go.

No, EMT_Hound, Deism is the belief that God made the Universe then abandoned it. UMass believes God created the Universe then "kept it rolling in the right direction."

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