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Cell phones and EMS vehicle operators.


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Welcome to the boards. I'm going to chime in real quick with a note on spelling, grammar, etc. The unfortunate lack of a "not" in your first sentence through me for a small loop this late at night.

- Matt

But Doc, when busting someone's chops about spelling a grammar, one should make sure he uses the proper word... THREW, as opposed to THROUGH.

Sorry, couldn't resist it.

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Every unit I've ever worked on had a radio in the cab of the truck, as well as a 'remote mic and speaker' in the back for the attending to make hospital radio report.

When I'm driving, my partner will handle communications between our truck and dispatch, and if they're attending, then communication is limited to notifying dispatch of our status (departing for the hospital, or calling arrival to the hospital), anything other than that is probably going to be unnecessary use of the radio, and is only a 'distraction' to the driver.

Rarely, if ever, will the driver give hospital notification report, (unless the attending is in the process of performing CPR).

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This is a good point. I recently drafted a policy, which stated that the medic should operate lights, radio and all communications whenever possible. There are times when I am busy with a critical patient, and have asked my driver to notify dispatch to call the hospital, and give some basic information, but these are extreme and rare cases. Radio traffic is always very short. Drivers should not be having "conversations" over the radio, but providing status information only. I have worked for some cheap services that only had radios in the front. The reputable companies I have worked for always have had a remote module in the patient compartment for communications. The unit cell phone stays in my pocket, so there is no reason for the driver to be on....AND CERTAINLY NOT TEXTING WHILE DRIVING.

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With a two-way, you could have VOX that will keep you more hands free. Just don't forget to turn it off.

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Wow after reading all the posts this is a discouraging situation. Unless you are ready to take up this battle you will be hitting your head against the wall. I pray that it doesn't take an accident/death to wake up some people who should be held accountable. Some areas that I have worked in if you get a ticket or you have been found at fault while working in the truck could give them grounds to be fired. Mainly because it will raise the insurance rates (maybe). Remind your partner would they want their family member to be in the back going through a crisis how would they like it if someone was driving/talking during their care. Me I would write a formal letter all the way up to City/County Council and higher if you need to. It only takes one time for an incident to occur basically it is a matter of when it happens. I have been the lead in many situations and I would keep writing them up no matter what and keep copies for a paper trail. That will speak loudly when your back is against the wall and they want to blame someone. This way they can't say they didn't know about it. You would think common sense and majurity would take over but obviously it hasn't arrived in some. Gook Luck!!

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