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"Deployment Medicine" / OEMS course

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A paramedic friend is trying to get a few of us (other EMTs/Medics) to take this "Deployment Medicine" class with her (at group discount). Now, it would be 100% purely for fun. I know it has pretty much no applicability in the US for civilian EMS, unless you're a physician. It'd be for entertainment and personal interest purposes only... (unless someone wants to volunteer overseas in "rough" environments...which some friends have done).

Anyway, keeping THAT in mind, has anyone heard about this company and their OEMS course?

I was told they bring in goats/pigs for live bleeding control, practice IO's, and MAST pants... part of what I've heard almost seems borderline shady about risk to self.

Realistically, won't end up doing it, mainly due to cost issues (I'd rather spend the money on paramedic school).

BUT I'm still curious about it and wondering if anyone's attended or had friends who had, what went on, and whether they thought it was worth it.

Here are the links:





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The military gets enough grief from PETA and other groups regarding the live tissue labs, so it will be interesting to see how a private business stands up to them once they become aware of this.

Personally, I think the course would be a waste of time for you and your cohorts as the knowledge and experience gained from this type of course is intended for those people the course was designed for (as described on their website).

As a medic who has been doing remote medicine for several years in hostile and austere environments, I can say I function quite well without the expense of this course. I feel this course will be as useful as a TEMS course for the average medical provider. If you are SWAT or police affiliated then TEMS is good for you, if you are a soldier (special forces type) then this type of course with live tissue lab is beneficial.

In regards to your question, no I know nothing of this school or the course quality, but it does seem to be very lucrative for them.

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