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Hey everyone,

What are some of the superstitions in EMS that you have?

For me its saying "We've had an easy/slow day." Taking off my boots and every time my medic goes to bed it seems that we get a call.

One of the medics I work with swears if he eats spaghetti-o's we'll get slammed for the rest of the day. Haven't tested that one out, but he swears by it.

So what are your EMS superstitions?

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None of those.....

But I am convinced that my stethoscope is magic...When I have MY stethoscope all is calm and right with the world, everything makes perfect sense, lines up just right...when I don't I suddenly have to think harder about everything, pay more attention, can’t seem to hear the things I want to....

B.S. of course...but it works for me so I just let it be....and keep a close eye that my stethoscope doesn't get lost... :wink:


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Seems like everything comes in three's. The stage of the moon definitely makes a difference. When you least expect it, expect it.

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Good question. Not really a superstition I suppose, maybe a coincidence? But every time I worked with one particular medic partner on the overnight shift, one hour before it ended we would ALWAYS be sent to Day Kimball (Dey Kill 'Em) Hospital for a transport to UMASS Memorial. Its a rather lengthy trip too maybe 3-4 hours (depending on waiting for turnover (Dey Kill Em never has a patient ready on time) to us then traffic in Worschter, Ma.

The first day shift we worked together I turned to him and started to say, "you know at the end...." He immediatley shut me up. Wouldnt you know it maybe 15 minutes later (half way through the shift) dispatch was on the horn for our ritual calling. And then, come the end of the shift, we did it again. I had to open my mouth :evil:


Of course, the big superstition is that you NEVER say the "q" word. And you never ask your freinds in the ED if it has been "q" either... unless you want a beating.

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It is what it is.

What may be, will be...

Nothing I say, do, or not do will change whatever call is about to come my way. It is human nature for us to pay closer attention when the tones go off, catching you in the moment of whatever you were doing and then freezing that instant in your brain.

That bite of food almost in your mouth, that food order just placed/paid for but unable to wait for, the belt loosened for a healthy grunt, or your head touching the pillow. None of those have ever, nor will they ever affect the nature of calls during your shift.

However, it is understandable to have these superstitions as our life is based on them from infancy to death.

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People yell at me when I say it's quite...I mean they get freaking mad...but whatever.

I will say though at a certain station everytime your head hits the pillow, a call comes out. We tested it. I'll tell my partner "hey, put your boots on because I'm going to take a nap", I'll go upstairs, lay down, and the station phone rings.

We'll spend almost two hours without a call (rare), but as soon as someone lays down...riiing.

I mean we've tested this stuff.... I figure there's some correlation with when people at work get tired and when the public feels like calling 911 based on time of day maybe?

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