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Just finished the NREMT-P CBT

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O.K. Let me start by saying, I am doing the typing on my iPhone so if I forget a comma, I will blame my phone. I have been in EMS for about 11 years, and about 2 years ago started in a local paramedic program, had about two thousand dollars of education shoved up my butt one nickel at a time. I finished all semesters on the Dean's list. I really didn't have a problem with the practicals, my trauma assessment was in front of our Medical Director, so that was uncomfortable, but passed first try. Then I scheduled the CBT, reviewed for hours. I tested this morning, just started and lightning knocked the power out for a bit, no worries, test came back right where I left off, my test stopped at 80/82 somewhere in that area. So, I am waiting. The only information I can give to those who are going to test is cardiology, resp., MCI, I had 3 drug calculations and one drip rate question. So wish me luck.

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Good luck I am sure you did fine.

*but your luck sounds like mine weird* Lightning strikes are uncommon like that!

But I am sure you passed keep the faith.

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LOL! Dude, I would have been freaking out over that! That's like when you spend an hour typing up a long-arse e-mail or post, and then it crashes when you hit "send". You want to just smash the computer!

Congratulations, Old Man! Kudos for taking the road less travelled and getting a quality education. Best of luck!

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Sounds like you passed. I had 80 questions and passed. My first words when I came out of the test were "honey - I think I failed" - very disconcerting feeling. Let us know when you find out.

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