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Unbelievable. But typical. The general public has no idea what we do. When they go to bed and rest their empty head on their little liberal politically correct pillow, they don't realize that's when we get busy. They forget all about us until little Johnnie falls off his bike and skins this wussy little knee. God I hate people.

Also a word to the wise. Keep your overhead doors shut at all times. There was some idiot here in Chicago a couple of years back sitting across from firehouses, filming us walking around and not doing anything.

Its all about PR now. When you go on a run everyone is watching you.

In Chicago, they give millions to people who sit around on their asses and never try and improve their situation, yet they criticize men and women who risk their lives to save them. They waste money on flower pots and landscaping and invest less and less on public safety.

They dont realize we do more than fires. We do everything for them when they need us. Imagine the mess if our local governments told people their call is not an emergency because of the gas prices.

If they ever realized all the BS calls we go on and all the money we waste helping people who have no desire to help themselves, they would be amazed.

Politicians continually give themselves double digit raises. Corruption is rampant in government. I suggest they look elsewhere.

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I haven't heard about that happening here, and we currently have one of the most public safety-hostile populations anywhere. (Side effect of a half billion dollar state budget hole.)

You know what it is? Everybody in Florida is retired- they've got nothing better to do! :roll:

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Instead of all these ninkumpoops complaining.

Maybe I should start a service where each county that has a station of EMS/FD's,

I will get their list of groceries and bring it back to them,

I'll even put them away and make supper and serve dessert. :wink:

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