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Actually, you just stumbled upon the very root of the controversy.

No, we are not all out there for the same reason. Medical professionals are out there because it is their chosen professional passion. Firemonkeys are out there because they have nothing better to do, and need some way to justify their budget, or risk extinction like they dinosaurs they are.

There is zero similarity in motivation, despite the rhetorical propaganda of the IAFF/IAFC.

so dust, if you say that the fire service is destined to be extinct then where do we turn for someone to put out our house that's on fire? Surely you don't want us to turn to volunteers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe after the fire departments are extinct the EMS systems can come and take their places.

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Where where the fire ?

Im not here to say that our prehospital "system" is the best in the world, its not. But still, in Sweden FF doesn't go on calls like this ? Why should they ? Its a call for the ambulance...

I cant understand the benefits with FF taking calls like this or where there are sick people involved (that doesn't involves fires/cars accidents and similar). Why don't you just have paramedics, who have the right training, to take this kind of calls ?

Sorry for my bad English. Hope you understand the most of it =).

Best regars from Sweden.

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I'm very GREEN here. And by green, I mean new in every sense of the word. I'm a new EMT and I'm new to EMT City. Yet I have all kinds of things to say about this, especially because I also aim to be a firefighter in the near future. *sifting carefully through my thoughts* Okay . . . . mom did all the work. All the hard (labor) work. Newbie firefighter assisted with encouragement, and the paramedics seemed to get very little credit in this story. I guess I'm going to come across as sounding very neutral, but I think I just am.

Aren't we all out there for the same reason? To help people and serve our communities? What's really a shame about our chosen profession (whether medical or fire) is that someone always gets overlooked. If the firefighter happens to be the first one to aid the woman in labor, the medics get overlooked. If a paramedic steps into a burning building to help pull out an injured person, the firefighters will probably be overlooked. I think it's simply because in each situation, the firefighter and the medic are doing something out of the norm. There's less interest when a medic delivers a baby, or when a firefighter runs into the burning building, because that's more of what the general public expect.

I totally understand wanting proper recognition to go to the proper people, but we are all in this together! Who knows . . . your day of recognition might be today! Or tomorrow! Or the next day!

EMS gets the work, firemen get the glory. Its division of labor. If EMS was out getting their pictures snapped for the paper every time we successfully put our boots on, we'd have no time to respond to emergencies.

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Bla Bla Bla

Wine Wine Wine

Sob Sob Sob

Quit your beotching and grow up. Who cares who gets the credit. If thats what you are worried about you might be in the wrong business. I have never seen an ambo with one person on it. Its team work people.

I still think he/she did a good job, whatever the scenario. Whatever he did or didn't do, the outcome was a good one. Nice to hear good ones now and then.

Like I said earlier, the negativity is amazing. Poor single role medics not getting any of the spotlight. I feel so bad!

How many people have I saved that did not make the news or print media. Who cares. I went to bed that night and felt great. My co-workers and family knows and thats l that matters to me.

But thats just me.

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Gaelic, I admire your support to your fellow firemen.

But you are talking about a new firefighter who held the ladies legs, and talked her thru childbirth.

Good for him, way to go mr fireman. He was there as a team member. I don't see you applauding the entire group of people who were there, you are just applauding the green fireman and you are chastising all of us for criticising the new guy.

If I mis-read you and you did in fact applaud everyone on scene then I apologize but.... I don't think I've seen you saying great job to all but only to this one firemen.

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What if that baby was born and had an initial APGAR of 4? Where would the green fireman be then? I'm betting he'd be out on the porch sucking his thumb asking for his blankie. The paramedic would begin aggressive rescusitation efforts. I'm glad the brand new fireman got to witness the wonderful miracle that is a healthy birth. What I'm not jazzed up about is the fact that the article completely contradicted itself.

It's no secret that I do not play nice in the sandbox with the firemen. It's actually the big reason I have switched from a north city car to a south city car. I really do not play well with firemen paramedics that only endure being a paramedic so they can maintain their fire captain level. You want to be a fireman, grab yourself a pint of ice cream, and pull up a recliner. You want to be a paramedic, punch in, check off the ambulance, and pound the pavement the entire shift. I'm lucky to see the inside of any of our crappy EMS substations during my shift. I work for a living.

I get to listen to my friends in combo departments b*tch non-stop about having to ride the "gut bucket" for 4 years before they can transfer to fire side. The knew going into the academy they would be required to pass some inadequate cookbook medic class and ride on the ambulance for 4 years. They have no interest in being a medical professional, and frankly, they give those of us that care about our profession a really crappy name.

We are not all out there to do the same job. I'm out there to provide the absolute best prehospital care I can. I spend countless hours in education. I attend seminars, I have called hospitals to get classes not offered where I work. I even started working for an ER PRN in the hopes of learning more. I'm a professional, and I'm very dedicated to my title. I'm also dedicated to do my part to abolish the piss poor image EMS currently has.

That we're equal on the trucks bit... not so much. My partner is not my equal. They are my technician, and I am the clinician. The do nothing invasive, nor do they perform any assessments outside of a rapid trauma assessment during an MCI. My service mandates that all patients are to be attended at the paramedic level, so I can't even "BLS" a call. Is a CNA equal to an RN? Is an LPN equal to an MD? Well then how is a basic equal to a paramedic? I'll see your 120 hours of night school and raise you 2 full years of college, and I'm not even finished.

Go ahead and call me arrogant gaelic, I assure you, it will not be the first or last time that word is used to describe me.

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Hey Ruff,

I commend all envolved all the time. I do not differentiate medics from firefighters. I dont do this because this is the system I work in. I wouldnt do this even if we were seperate.

Its all about perception.

The general public sees all of us as their local hometown heroes who rush in and help them in their time of need. They dont see firefighters and medics as being different. Its like saying the Army and the Marines are different. To those who are in those forces, there are great differences. But to the public, they are our protectors and we are grateful for their service to us and our country.

I dont subscribe to the hero theory all the time. We are all heroes when the call arises. Otherwise, we are regular guys and gals trying to make a living and provide for our families. We are all more alike than we are different.

I just get soo sick and tired of ignorant, selfish and narrow-minded people. All they care about is theirselves and the glory they receive or somehow missed out on. I do my job, get paid and go home. It's really simple.

To me it's all about the personal gratitude I get. Not what others think. If I worried about what others think, I would never go out o the house in the morning.

I am always the first to step forward and pat someone on the back and say good job! I am also always the first one there to help those who might not have done it correctly or screwed up.

So, my support is not always for firemen. Fellow firemen, fellow emt's and fellow medics. We are all in this together. I commend all of US!

Read my posts a little closer. I try not to single people out as we are a team. I truly belive in this.

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Gaelic, that was a very intelligent, well thought out post. However, I think you're missing a few things. The Army and the Marines analogy isn't a bad one, I often use an analogy of the Air Force and the Marines to describe EMS and Fire's relationship in the FDNY, but the only way the analogy would hold is if the Army and the Marines were directly funded by the tax payers and people would go around describing the Army as "those guys with the guns" and the Marines as "heros".

Fire services have absolutely no problem in sucking up all the credit the media will lay on them, whether they deserve it or not. We all know it. I would suggest you share one of my experiences, sitting in a bar with some friends after working 16 hours in the sweltering heat of Hell's Kitchen in August, cardiac arrests, asthmas, traumas, all of it in one day, only to watch NY1 with the piece about how the firemen saved the choking infant. Its hard to see others get patted on back for what you do every day you go to work. That's all.

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