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Do you sticker your POV?

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Hmmm just what I need on the back of my purple dodge mom-mobile. "So NOT cool, mom!" according to my oldest (12) - We know you're an EMT, but why does the rest of the world need to know?

She's at that anything and everything related to my mother embarasses me stage....hey, maybe I SHOULD get one! And that neat embossed star of life denim jacket (that's EWW way too 80s Mom!) http://www.emtcatalog.com/store/catalog/pr...products_id=805

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Not that I am aware of.

I got my first one of these from Galls, and the second one from this "Roberts" catalog, after finding out Galls doesn't carry this anymore.

Galls doesn't carry this? Shocking!

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People from the area of Montauk Point, Suffolk County, New York, sometimes have bumper stickers saying "Montauk-The End". That is because it is the easternmost part of the Long Island "fish". Look at a map to see the geography and the reason for the calling it a fish.

While the Westernmost part of the "fish" is actually Brooklyn, the furthest western part of Queens County are my communities of the Rockaways- The Rockaway Peninsula. Some of our locals are sporting bumper stickers saying "Rockaway-The Other End". I'm possibly going to put one of them on my car.

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I forgot, I do have a sticker on my car. It's a small blue one on the windshield that says "Out of state student." Beats having to register my car in MA and go through a stupid inspection process.

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