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Do you sticker your POV?

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I have Chiqueta Banana stickers on my back window.


NOW thats SOO cool, just where can I get one ?

I had a rusty red 69 VW Van, back in the day with a great bumper sticker.

It Said:



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Heeeeeellllllllll NO! If people know I'm a paramedic, they may expect me to help them, for free. That's just not my style.

I do have a HON sticker on my car, from Cafe Hon in Baltimore... hometown, place I love, place I long for, place they'll bury me when I'm finally picked for my celestial transfer.

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Is Cafe HON have the same type of following [obviously not the same type of food] as In-N-Out has? [Note to In-N-Out, open up a meat plant in MA and open up some restaurants out here too. Pretty please!?!]

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Stickers ay… I see no point… Even if I had an EMS or Fire sticker on my car the cops wouldn’t give a toss. That’s why we don’t speed or use my car to respond 8)

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