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Do you sticker your POV?

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No EMS stickers, but I got out of a ticket by having my paramedic book in my back seat. The Officer looked at it, asked me if I was and emt. (yada yada yada), and let me go with just a verbal warning.

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Naw, though wouldn't mind a discreet sticker that would be meant for other EMS personnel to recognize, rather than to show off to public.

I'll play devil's advocate, here. We have folks here who think having any stickers IDing someone's vehicle, or the EMS crew person, said person with the sticker is a "wanker". Could it be said that the "wanker" label is still going to be used for even the discreet sticker user?

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I guess it depends on local opinions. We call them Rick's here (as in Ricky Rescues). I can see why people in any job where there's a sense of camaraderie (usually jobs where you work "in the field" together regardless of professional/educational level) would like to ID with each other.

I see whackers as those who go overboard on the "coolness/intensity" factor in relation to the area they work. For example, I see EMTs who work Malibu and wear shears in their belts as "Ricks", but I wouldn't call them that if they were working Compton or other south central Los Angeles areas.

If they seem professional and have a professional association sticker like many other fields, then I wouldn't see that as whackerish.

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I have a Helicopter in my back window dead center to the break light, but it is an Employee sticker that Identifies me and my parking status at our national headquarters.....other than that I am a member of our flight service so that sticker is in the lower left hand corner of my rear window.

Other than that the only other identifier on either vehical I drive is a crayola portiat my son put on the left rear quarter panel of my buick regel.......it was a birthday wish from him and I don't have the heart to clean it off~even if I did bust his hiney for coloring on my car!!!

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