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Do you sticker your POV?

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I'm just curious to see if and how many people have EMS stickers (State sticker, NR sticker, Star-of-Life, or EMS bumper stickers) on their POV for the reasons of A)Think it looks cool so you need as many as possible; B)Think it will help get you out of a ticket; or C)Have them because you are proud to be part of EMS. Any other reason? Why does EMS feel the need to have stickers? I personally have one PA paramedic sticker and one Star of Life on my SUV and I have a Star of Life on each side of my boat engine as it keeps Fish and Wildlife wardens from taking up to much time from my fishing on a license stop. It used to take me 20 minutes on a stop before I put the Star of Life on my boat and now I just show my license and I'm on my way. Have you ever seen an advantage like this on your POV?

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The only bumper sticker I've ever seen that I would want says "Are you a rights' activist or do you work for a living?" Otherwise, no.

Attracting attention to the fact that you're an EMS provider may get you out of a ticket or two, but here's the problem:

You're driving down the interstate and go to merge. You accidentally cut off a lady driving a car. When she gets to work, instead of: "Yeah, some jag with a 'Give Bill 4 more!' bumper sticker cut me off!", it's: "Yeah, some jag EMT cut me off."

I'd rather not be either, but given the choice, I'll take the former.

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No, but I know how/where to speed without getting a ticket [6 years, no ticket. Not counting my time in Boston [still no tickets, but much less driving]]. The last thing I want is some cop to be thinking about how I should know better because I am an EMT.

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