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Many towns in NJ have gone to using the police to provide basic EMS services to towns. People got tired of waiting for ambulances when they didn't have a badass motor vehicle accident.

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Except for the whole "POLICE" on the side of the ambulance encouraging people to chunk bricks through your windows thing. :roll:

Damn, I reported that incident on this site originally. That was the only incident with the NCPD, at least that I can recall.

However, that could have happened to any ambulance service provider. Heck, I have had my old private non 9-1-1 service provider ambulance come under thrown rock assault, in 2 services, but the same area.

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In the Wash. DC area, the following Medevacs are run by Police units using Sworn officers as medics.

Maryland State Police, Fairfax County Police, United States Park Police.

Others include:

Delaware State Police, Nassau County (NY) Police, Suffolk County (NY) Police they use medics from Stonybrook hospital.

On the west coast, A lotta sheriffs do this, LA Co. Sonoma County, San Benadino, I foget all of them.

check out www.henry1.com for Sonoma Co. Also question. The Sonoma Co. website says they have a "Deputy Sheriff Observer and a Rescue Paramedic" does that mean that the medic is a civilian? or what. ?

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Yep..also check the Genesee County Michigan sherrifs department..They are deputies, and the actual police work is frowned upon. Mostly ALS first response for private alpha unit transport. Kind of a cluster f%$# of sorts.

Genesee County

It's funny that you would post that link, as I've been trying to find the history of the Genesee County Sheriff's Department in order to respond to this link. Unfortunately, it looks like Sheriff Pickel has put the kibosh on any historical accounting of the department since the Joe Wilson scandal.

Shoot me a PM....we might know each other!

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Sunnyvale, ca. runs what they call Public Safety Officers which are Firemedics/leo so that means that you pull double duty. One day you may be on the truck the next day your running a patrol car. So more than likely the LEO that shows up is probably a Medic. This is a big city so you might want to check it out and see all that they cover. I think AMR does that actually ambulance work though.

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Is the State Police the only providers of air evac there?

That saves the patients about $7000 based rates for flight services here in NC.

Yes, in Maryland the Maryland State Police Aviation Command is the only provider of emergency 9-1-1 air emergency medical services. 12 aircraft respond from eight strategic locations within the state. The expense is paid for almost entirely from a vehicle plate registration fee. Each aircraft is designated "Trooper 1-8." Each is staffed primarily by a civilian pilot and a sworn Trooper/Paramedic. Troopers complete a 26 week live-in state police academy and then enter into the aviation command for additional training. The aircraft also complete law enforcement and rescue (hoist, etc) missions.

Go to http://www.mspaviation.org/frames.asp to learn more about the system. Its really the vision of the late R Adams Cowley, MD and something most Marylanders are very proud of.

Yes, it does have its drawbacks and critics do abound, but the system is free. Its not hard for them to find people whose lives have been made better by the service. It comprises a significant part of our state EMS system. Private transfer air medical services are provided by several for-profit air medical entities such as STAT Medevac, Maryland Express Care (PHI), and DC MedSTAR.

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Well, MSP are the PRIMARY provider of 911 medevac, they are not the ONLY. If they are tied not available you might get the US Park Police (Eagle) or MedSTAR(a hospital based service). I have been on calls where we have had several of the services on site when we had several bad patients from MVAs.


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