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SCATTERGORIES...it's harder than it looks!


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Mine was hard!

Your Name: Yelena

1. Famous singer/band: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

2. 4 letter word: yarn

3. Street name: York

4. Color: yellow

5. Gifts/presents: Yoga mat

6. Vehicle: Yaris

7. Items on a menu: yogurt

8. Girl Name: Yolanda

9. Boy Name: Yaroslav

10. Movie Title: You me and Dupree

11. Drink: Yogurt (drinkable)

12. Occupation: Youth worker

13. Flower: Yucca

14. Famous Person: Yanni

15. Magazine: Young rider

16. US City: Yolo

17. Famous Sports Team: Yankees

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: yard work

19. Something U Throw Away: Your trash

20. Things You Shout: Your late!

21. Cartoon Character: Yogi

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It would probably be easier for me to use my user name, but I'll try my first name.

Your Name: Wayland

1. Famous singer/band: White Snake

2. 4 letter word: Wine

3. Street name: West Dr.

4. Color: White

5. Gifts/presents: Wallet

6. Vehicle: Winnebego

7. Items on a menu: Wine List

8. Girl Name: Wynona

9. Boy Name: Wayne

10. Movie Title: "Whales"

11. Drink: White Wine

12. Occupation: Wrangler

13. Flower: White Oleander

14. Famous Person: Walt Whitman

15. Magazine: Word of Truth

16. US City: Winnfield, LA

17. Famous Sports Team: White Sox

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Women

19. Something U Throw Away: Waste

20. Things You Shout: Whoa!

21. Cartoon Character: Winnie the Pooh

So I used "White" a lot.

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Your Name:Matt

1. Famous singer/band: Miles Davis

2. 4 letter word: milf

3. Street name: Modesto

4. Color: maroon

5. Gifts/presents: Money !

6. Vehicle: Mazda

7. Items on a menu: Mixed vegetables, Mild Salsa

8. Girl Name: Michele

9. Boy Name: Mike

10. Movie Title: Men in Black

11. Drink: Martini

12. Occupation: Mom

13. Flower: Marigold

14. Famous Person: Michael Jackson

15. Magazine: Money

16. US City: Memphis

17. Famous Sports Team: Mariners (stole this one from Marty, just too lazy to google one :D )

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Married

19. Something U Throw Away: Money

20. Things You Shout: Motherf*cker (yea, kept this one too !)

21. Cartoon Character: Mini mouse

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Your Name:Tinman

1. Famous singer/band:Toto

2. 4 letter word:Tits

3. Street name: Tullahoma Trace

4. Color: Tartan (If its not scottish...Its CRAP)

5. Gifts/presents: Tawdry Baubles

6. Vehicle: Tatra (Czech!)

7. Items on a menu: Thingies

8. Girl Name: Tatiana

9. Boy Name: Theodore

10. Movie Title: Taxi Driver

11. Drink: Tahitian

12. Occupation: Titty Inspector :)

13. Flower: Telephium

14. Famous Person: Teddy Roosevelt

15. Magazine: Teletubbies (UK)

16. US City: Tullahoma Tennessee (good ol' George Dickel!)

17. Famous Sports Team: Tittans (or Titans if you are so inclined)

18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Titties!

19. Something U Throw Away: Trash of course

20. Things You Shout: Tally-HO!

21. Cartoon Character: Tinkerbell (YESSSS!)

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