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Should I Write My Own EMS Textbook?

Should I write my own EMS textbook?  

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I know Brian personally, I can attest that he is pro-advocate for EMS at all levels especially Paramedics. The problem is the general consensus of the education level of the Paramedic.

Although you & I have the general opinion of what Paramedics & EMS education level should be, that is a different story of the publishers & national standards.

What most do not understand, (as was told by me Brian Bledsoe D.O.) is that most publishers has a cap on the reading level for EMS material. Most EMS books are written at the maximum of 11'th grade. This is from a series of research from the publishers at what level most EMT's reading level is rated at. Most Basic EMT manuals are at a 6'th grade level.

It is not most EMS educators (i.e. Dr. Bledsoe) does not what more informative & in-depth literature, it is they will not publish it. Even magazines (noticed I did not say " Journals") are even rated at no more than an 10'th or 11'th grade reading level. I have written for JEMS many years ago, getting published is not easy:after the query letter, & research, & review, most articles take up to 6-11 months before it is published.

Before, everybody gets upset about reading levels... compare the National Registry of EMT's pass rate on a board examination, on a mid-high rated reading & examination.... I believe a little more than 64 %..

Wow !

Maybe, we should test.. before applicants are allowed into EMS programs such as the Nelson Denny Reading test., A basic mathematics test with some pre-Algebra for pharmacology equations, & basic science & comprehension levels, and English & spelling for charting & documentation .

Then we can introduce scientific studies, true patho-physiology, gross anatomy, with a diagnostic approach. Until then, & with most apathetic attitude we will be stuck in our current status.

No, Stephen, I do not believe you will be taken serious for a sole author. They might consider you for to review, or if lucky chapter contributor. I have friends who are M.D. or D.O. with Board Certifications & all the titles associated, & have several years EMS field experience, who have tried to be published. It is a difficult thing to accomplish.

If you are able, feel free to contact me I will be glad to assist you in any way.


Ridryder 911

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If you are asking how to change EMS it starts at State levels. Mandate requirements of entry level into EMT education (notice I did not say training). Almost all other health care programs require an entry level requirements. I believe it is way too easy to become a medic. If it was harder & even more costly, we would not have as many drop out of the profession.

Be sure your educators have an education & field experience. I really take annoyance "of those can't teach".. not, are like that. Just because you are a good medic does not represent being a good instructor or supervisor, administrator material. They should be monitored for pass rates. Education facilities should mandate assessment tests prior to students enrolling. As well, not everybody should be allowed to be in the EMT program. Many applicants have no desire to function at that level, and should be recommended to the first-responder program.

We (EMS) need to shift from the "training" set of mind; to true education, These programs should be held to accountable to the educational standards of adult teaching & curriculum development. Clinical time should have assigned preceptors, with number of clinical tasks that was performed & obtained, not length of clinical hours. I do not know how many "coffee clinicals" I have seen.

As some has had mentioned "think outside the box". The days of EMS as we know it, will soon be over. The number of baby-boomers becoming older & now also becoming more ill, the run volume is predicted to increase 20-40% in the next five-seven years. With this ED's will be full, & no place for the sick or injured, the EMS will have to become a mobile healthcare system. With the new technology invented everyday, who knows what the limits will be.

This is exciting times for the EMS provider.

Be safe,

Ridryder 911

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First, I want to go on record saying that I think some of these replies were pretty harsh...USAF IS a very educated person, he should be treated as such. Not that he is any better than any of us, but his time spent learning should be acknowledged. That said, I've on numerous occasions communicated with him regarding various issues, for the simple purpose of gaining insight/new information. NEVER have I been made to feel 'stupid' or anything of the sort. As far as being dedicated, who are any of us to question him?

He is right when he says that people should be educated instead of trained... In EMS we are trained to treat it as we see it, but why can't we at times go beyond that and look at the underlying causes of these problems??? Wouldn't we all be much better equipped to help our patients if we had some background knowledge? I think so...

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As an EMT, I don't know enough of a paramedic's training to write an EMS Paramedic instructional book. By that line of thought, someone of higher level of training and education than whatever level should write the books, but with input from those in the level that the writer is attempting to reach.

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