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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all! Recently I wanted to check back to this site to see what's going on. Didn't happen due to several time restraints, life and so on. But with the shootings this night in my neighbouring city Munich (Bavaria/Germany) I just wanted to check in to say I'm fine. 22-JUL-2016, ~18:00 (local time, UTC+2): an armed man opened fire near a fast food restaurant in a shopping mall in Munich. In the following there were reports of a team of assassins and multiple attacks in the city, which couldn't be confirmed. Local police, EMS and fire department responded. Regional mutual support was asked for. Public transport in Munich was stopped. 22-JUL-2016, 18:29: First alarm for several units in our (neighbouring) county, including incident command, just for staging. I wasn't on duty, so just listened to the radio and our internal communication. Our crisis intervention team was called to assist in Munich directly. 22-JUL-2016, 20:20: My local volunteer disaster respond unit was called out into a staging area, I joined the team (2 vehicles, carrying up to 10 staff and material for ~25 patients including tent, stretchers and so on). 22-JUL-2016, ~22:00: A hostage situation at the Munich airport (MUC) was reported. My unit was part of the troop dispatched there. Soon after our arriving it was reported that the offender was arrested, two victims were transported. However, I can't confirm the actual situation beeing a real hostage threat or something else. If, it most probably was totally unrelated to the shooting in Munich. Police and EMS cleared the scene, my unit wasn't involved. After a while we were allowed to return into the original staging area. 22-JUL-2016, ~23:30: In the staging area we got information through regular TV news sources. 23-JUL-2016, ~00:45: We were released and returned back to our stations. Now it's 03:00, I'm home and listening to local news reports. Official status is now: ~21 wounded (~3 life threatening and 13 minor wounded still in hospital treatment) + 10 death, including suspected individual (shot himself). Around 100 persons were psychologically counseled. Around 2300 police officers were activated. EMS/medical disaster response staff not yet counted, I think at least about 1000. My subjective view: calm and professional response by police, EMS and fire - career and volunteer units. In short time a real lot of responders could be activated, including special law enforcement/counter terrorism units including other regions, federal units (GSG9) and even foreign teams (COBRA/Austria). EMS and medical disaster units were organized and responded well, locally and from other regions in Bavaria. At the moment, Germany tests a disaster public information software for smartphones, Munich is one of the testing areas. Worked well, information was quick and instructive ("terrorsim alert, stay at home, close doors"). Munich police has a very professional social media unit on Twitter (@PolizeiMuenchen) and Facebook. This channels provided even more useful information by reliable sources. Social media, though somewhat helpful, showed it's bad side, too. A lot of false reports, speculations and rumors were transmitted and created some information chaos. However, established news media (papers/online papers, TV, radio) delivered good information and avoided too much sensationalism. Citizens stayed rather calm. Public transport is activated again now. Assassin was a 18 y/o Munich resident from German/Iran origin, shot himself near the shopping mall after beeing chased and shot at by police. That's what I experienced myself and know from news reports and public police sources in this minute. Evaluation and investigations are in progress... Stay safe out there! Bernhard @Moderation: there is no other international section apart from CAN/UK/AUS, so I'm putting this in the general section. Please feel free to put this where it fits better.
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