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Found 14 results

  1. This post is for all of your potential EMT's PAramedic's who are discouraged because you have taken the test and didn't make it. I have been an Iowa Paramedic for 10 years, outside the state of Iowa I am an I-99. I have taken the NREMT Paramedic test 13 times total. I was to the point of that if I didn't pass before 3/31/18 I would lose my paramedic and go down to an AEMT losing half of my skills. I had tried everything you can think of I used Medic skills, EMT test prep, bought practice books for the test. Bought a book from the school that I got my BS degree in that was for the NREMT. My next to the last attempt was in Jan and failed. I studied contact Distance CME to enroll in their NREMT test prep program. I then scheduled the test for this past weekend. I tested on Sat. 17th. I didn't realize that I was testing on a holiday weekend so I was resigned to the long wait of waiting till Tuesday morning. I went I tested was cut off at around 80-85 questions just over an hour into the test. I was unsure how I felt coming out of the test but I felt pretty good going as the Distance CME class prepared me for the exam, During the exam, I felt like I had seen the questions before and I was pretty confident on the answers for the most part. I just out of curiosity checked the results yesterday morning. I was surprised to see that the results said exam scored. So the panic of the previous attempts had started to creep in again. I clicked on the results and to my surprise and relief, I passed. I wrote this to tell all of you that there is hope no matter how many attempts you have tried. I would highly recommend the Distance CME NREMT test prep program they have EMT and Paramedic level programs. I can now rest a little easier knowing that I have taken and passed the exam. Although I am not NREMT P I am a PM instead of a IA-P.
  2. Hi guys! So I've noticed previous posts about this and have researched it for hours. Unfortunately most posts on here are rather old. I'm hoping some of you have new info! I'm currently a certified paramedic in Ontario and Alberta, looking into the process of moving to the US. Any kind of information (as current as possible) would be awesome! Thanks!
  3. I signed up to take the NREMT, but I was wondering if that was only for the computerized test? When/how do I sign up for the practical skills application or do I automatically pass that because I passed my states' (NY) practical skills exam?
  4. I'm a new EMT-B (just got my card!) from NYS and the king airway is still considered an advanced airway adjunct. When taking the NREMT is it considered a BLS skill? I'm taking a few practice tests online and there have been multiple questions on intubating patients. Just wondering if that is something I will have to look into or if I'm taking the wrong tests- all the other questions deal with BLS except for the intubation questions.
  5. I'm going to be signing up for the NREMT paramedic exam soon and I was wondering, what are some good studyguides/websites to use to help prepare me? Thanks
  6. To any and all who can help. I am a Paramedic in the state of Iowa. I have been certified for 5 years and until july working in the field actively. Due to the "transition" I have to take a NREMT Paramedic exam to get to the NREMT P cert that is supposedly national. I need help I have a total of 6 attempts and I have already used 3 tries and if I dont get it passed with in the next 3 tries I will have to retake the whole class to get qualified to attempt the exam again. I would love input on how or what anyone else who has passed the NREMT has used and where to get it. I am Literally getting desperate, It has gotten to the point that I am starting to doubt my abilities and my knowledge in this field. Help Please.
  7. I am in need of a primer concerning the NREMT. Imagine you're me....okay well let's not go there, but imagine the only thing you know about it is what NREMT stands for, and that in the final days of EMT certification, your instructor says it's easy and administered at a computer testing center in downtown (insert name of city i live in). Well from what scant info i have been able to glean, it's distinctly not easy and costs about $90 to take. I ask these questions ONLY as they pertain to EMT-Bs, not paramedics. So who administers or "owns" the test? Is it question-for-question the same in every state? Is it an attempt at-or the kernel of-what will eventually become a nationally adopted EMT testing standard? Is there a practical aspect to it? Is it administered and taken entirely sitting in front of a computer? How long does it take and how many questions does it comprise? Is it the standard test for any states as of yet or will it be soon? If you'e taken the FISDAP skills test, is this harder? And compared to most state EMT certification tests, is the NREMT harder? I'm outta here, thanks! Jeff
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm planning to take a Wilderness EMT [WEMT] program in the US this summer. As a Canadian, I don't have an American Social Security Number [sSN], but it appears NREMT requires a SSN in order to register to take the test. I'm currently overseas, so being on hold with [the notoriously hard to get through to]NREMT on an international call is difficult. Has anyone any information on this? The WEMT course provider will only provide details once I've paid and registered for the course... Thank you for any advice.
  9. Hey everyone. I'm a canadian trained Advanced Care Paramedic certified to work in the province of Ontario. I'm moving to San Diego California soon and I'm looking to work as a road medic. I'm trying to figure out how to set up any meets/equivalency classes before I get down there the 1rst of Dec, but I'm having a hell of a time figuring everything out. I just spent 1.5 hrs on hold with NREMT... starting to get a little frustrated. Can anyone help me out? My program was 3 years so I'm fairly certain I'm the equivalent to an EMT-P. Please help!
  10. what do you know about taking the nremt?
  11. I will be taking my NREMT (FL) for the second time in 4 weeks. Is there an online source that is reliable and is a help? I did a couple before and honestly I was in awe when I did not pass the first time. My time is tight if for some reason I do not pass it this time. Open for ANY advice! thanks
  12. Does anyone have a recent NIMS ICS-300 certificate lying around? I need to know how many CEU's are listed on the certificate itself. I successfully passed the course (not like it's difficult), but like normal, it's taking forever to obtain the actual certificate. The reason I'm asking is because I'd like to use the CEU's for my NREMT recert. I was told by the NREMT that if the certificate says, for example, "0.3 CEU", then it is worth 3 hours towards CEU's for NREMT recert. Any help is greatly appreciated. I already searched the whole Forums for this topic, and could not find older threads pertaining to it anywhere.
  13. I am currently finishing up with an AEMT program in Atlanta, GA. My wife and I are moving to the Washington D.C. area next summer and I wanted to continue on to Paramedic Program. Two programs I found near D.C were at North Virginia and Prince Edward's Community Colleges. I was wondering if anyone could provide any info on the quality of their paramedic programs or if there were any other good programs in the area? I also wanted to know if it would be an easy transition from AEMT to paramedic in that area with all the NREMT levels in the process of changing. (Georgia just switched from EMT-I 85 to AEMT, as far as I know the NOVA area is still working with EMT-I 99 and EMT-P) Any information about programs in the area would be greatly appreciated!!
  14. <pre style="font-size: 9pt;">The results are in. I passed the NREMT-B. As for those who have yet to take the test. I have found a few good tips to set you up for success .#1. Find a study guide- Whether you have just finished your EMT class or you are making your first attempt to take the NREMT after having your state certification for a while, I find that it may be in your best interest to find a resource specifically preparing you for the NREMT. Me personally, used my notes from my state refresher and a test prep study guide. The guide that I used was "EMT-Basics Exam Cram Plan" made by Cliffnotes. It is set up with a diagnostic test to find out where your strengths and weaknesses are and provides the chapter and topic of the area that you need improvement. It also contains a study schedule based on how much time you have before the test (i.e. 2 months, 1 month, or 2 weeks). Keep in mind, just because you have a study guide that has EMT plastered all over it, make sure that the guide caters to NREMT and not just a state level. You can find that by the first couple of pages and more than likely, it will state what test it is preparing you for. It may have been a while since you have taken a test and the anxiety may interfere with your best judgment of the correct answer so find one that test your knowledge and find the areas that need more attention. #2. Memorize, Memorize Memorize-The Practical Skill Sheets- The first thing that threw me off with practicing the skills is that I couldn't conduct my evaluation the way that I used to after I obtained my state certification. Once you get the hang of the way you evaluate a patient, you don't always verbalize your thoughts and you may have tips and tricks that you have learned from people you work with or other knowledgeable resources that could have made it easier. The NREMT proctors are looking for accuracy, nothing more and nothing less. They are looking at the skill sheet and and a lot of the time they may be looking at the sheet waiting for audible clues to check the block so if you didn't verbalize it, it didn't happen. So help you if you failed to verbalize a critical skill. The best way to conduct your evaluation is to memorize the sheet and follow it to the t. You may be the guru of splinting, and your peers may bow before you by your ability to complete your assessment in record time.....but if you aren't holding proper spinal stabilization, all of that matters as much as a speed boat without its motor. Its useless. You may have your assessment down packed but if you want NREMT, its their house and you play by their rules .#3. Lastly, Take A Breath, Relax, and Enjoy the Possibility At the end of the day, the tests don't determine whether you are, or will be a good EMT. The tests are only a method for the National Registry to see that you have met the standards to wear their patch and carry their card. I have always struggled as a test taker and 2nd and 3rd tries on tests are not foreign to me. If you want it come and get it. If at first you don't succeed, try another method of studying. You may be a physical leaner where you need to touch something to absorb the information or a visual learner where you need to see it to learn it. Its not the end of the world. It may pay off in the end. Best of luck to all and I hope this helps.</pre>
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