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  1. Another week of work. Yay for me..

  2. Sometimes they have to do another ablation. A guy I worked with had 2 done locally then had to go to another facility in Houston before getting it fixed. I'm not sure why that is the case but that's the facts. He's doing fine since then.
  3. Terrible news. Dust provided me hours of entertainment when I frequented the city. RIP dust..
  4. I don't think your example is accurate at all. I've worked at several ER's and I've never seen anything similar. I think Ruff and doc have posted very good information and also ACCURATE info.
  5. This was a topic that was posted many months ago. The firing is new news related to this incident. Yet another boo boo
  6. Big oops. I feel bad for the doctor - can't practice, disabled, lack of income, etc. The family should win this case easily.
  7. http://www.emtcity.com/index.php/topic/18057-medical-helicopter-requirements/page__st__30 Moron.
  8. I ignore kiwi 99% of the time. He's an expert in everything (look at the topic about starting an HEMS service he states he has extensive experience with radio communication and a few posts later someone is telling him how wrong his info is; typical kiwi). This situation is a mess and is turning into a political game orchestrated by the Sheriff to try and promote the public safety officer. This situation can only get worse (unless the sheriff backs down or is kicked out of office). The bottom line is - the firemen/EMT was on scene to assess the patient and assist the transporting unit
  9. I've worked for a dual-role department and trust me, it's a nightmare. Currently, they have moved away from the police/ems role and have separated the sides within the department (with a director of EMS and a chief of police). Cops should be cops. Medics should be medics. Firemen should be firemen. Firemen and policemen are more than welcome to help on an EMS call. Regarding this; I'm not sure how the laws work in Colorado but being a police office does not discount you from being charged with "interfering with a 911 call" in Texas. Sounds like the Sheriff's department is no
  10. The nearest helicopter is 1-1.5 hours away? Is that flight time or you driving to where the helicopter is; that's a big difference. I just don't believe that however it could be true; I've never been to that area. I won't even waste my time on the topic in general. Starting a HEMS service requires many things that 2 individuals wouldn't be able to do without a huge sum of money.
  11. I think you should change "self training" to "professional training" or something similar. Taking certain martial art classes could prove to be very valuable in case of an altercation on duty. Certainly we all realize that Karate won't do much good in the back of an ambulance. Also, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu won't much good outside of the ambulance with several angry people waiting to stomp your head in if you were to take someone to the ground. LEO training is based off several things; Hapkido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Akido, Judo, and a mix of other tricks that are proven to work but loosel
  12. It breaks my heart to hear about another HEMS crash. This one seems to have been an unnecessary risk that was taken by this crew. When will this stop? Soon I hope.. Everyone stay safe!
  13. no I won't get my snow out of your yard - it was supposed to come here and you misguided the cloud - all you sent was the cold ! Take it back !

  14. I remember the original story and now this? I'm not really surprised - he sounds like a piece of work. Good riddance.
  15. I haven't seen that one. I guess it lets everyone know how poor EMS people are.. Now if we can install tip jars in the ambulances we'll be set!
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