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  1. I've always made the assumption that no recall of event = presumed LOC until proven otherwise.
  2. The vast majority of my experience using mag has been with severe refractory asthma, state protocol calls for 1-2 Gms IVP over 5 minutes, which sounds completely wrong to me and most others (MD's included). In my typical adult patient I routinely place 2 Gms in 100 ml of NS or D5 w/a 10gtt set and infuse it over 10 minutes, which is still about twice as fast as recommended by most sources I've read.
  3. My system has similar survival to discharge rates as Croaker, and interestingly enough, we work patients where we find them, on a hard, non moving surface. Transport before ROSC is almost always a bad idea.
  4. We had an officer collapse a few years ago at the yearly Marathon, immediately defibed by one of our Bike Medics w/AED, no weapon discharge and immediate ROSC
  5. I'd like to trade my partner for a helper-monkey.
  6. Slightly off topic, a call I had over the summer. Police officer and suspect draw down on each other, suspect gets off one round through officers calf, no bony or significant neurovascular involvement, cop gets off 3, center mass. We arrive, suspect is supine, not restrained, but not fighting either, officer is ambulatory. My partner gets the suspect, I get the officer, 2nd ambulance on scene, BLS report my partners pt is "sick". I leave the cop for the BLS and assist my partner. Long story short, we transport the suspect w/PD, he's cut down naked, rolled and injuries noted, tx in route t
  7. Ruptured AAA would be my first guess.
  8. AAA happens in the abdomen, upper extremity BP should be essentially the same, you may find differences or absence in femorals or lower extremity pulses. The difference in upper extremity BP is in relation to Thoracic Aortic dissection, a different animal entirely. It is not an aneurysm but a dissection between the intima and adventitia layers of the aorta. A case I had a few years ago involved a 37 yo F w/hx of HTN and cocaine abuse, sudden onset of 10/10 chest pain, couldn't sit still, visibly uncomfortable. BLS on scene administered 324 mg ASA and extricated to our ambulance. While giv
  9. p3medic

    worst week

    You can absolutely move the leads of a 3 ld and get a reasonable result. Back before we had 12 lds we would use the LP 10 and use modified chest leads, MCL 1-6 and label them as such. You would end up with 6 feet of paper, but it worked in a pinch. Now, if you have no idea how to read a 12 ld or use MCL's, then I guess you are out of luck. We rarely did it with the LP 5, but that was a long time ago.
  10. I had a lady from the show "Paramedics" ride with me a few times, she was good about being out of the way and the camera was very small, not your usual news camera. I'm sure I was aware of her presence but don't recall changing my behaviour or patient care to any great extent.
  11. Its the trend everywhere, less fires and tighter budgets, IAFF tell their members its EMS or die. Its too bad, I spent a few year out at Schofield and recall the City and County EMS guys and gals were top notch, I almost stayed to go to P school in Honolulu, but ended up back east. Good luck
  12. I don't know, without my union I doubt I'd be living the lifestyle I currenly have. No one cared about unions when the private sector was making money hand over fist, but now that the economy has turned, its all the unions fault. I don't remember which unions caused the economic collapse or how much they recieved in a government bailout, when you find out, please let us know.
  13. Most likely a Todd's paralysis. Obviously a full P/E needs to be done, but post-seizure paralysis is relatively common, and usually benign.
  14. Crotchity sounds mad because the white girl wouldn't sleep with him, that is awesome!! Guilt her into it, otherwise she's racist! Funniest thread ever.
  15. Our first in bag has IV, bandaging, airway equipment, TQ's, etc...Our O2 bag has a D cylinder, assorted o2 delivery devices and BVM, our drug box is a pelican box, all the meds and syrninges, needles and glucometer, and the LP 12. 4 seperate pieces of equipment.
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