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  1. :pottytrain5: :blah5: :pottytrain4: Thats to funny- :laughing6:
  2. 8. Whatever: Is a women's way of saying F--- YOU! I love this one use it all the time... Hubby just thinks he has won the argument... in reality i'm just done. :twisted:
  3. [web:f3e5dc5836]http://wilk4.com/humor/humorm283.htm[/web:f3e5dc5836]
  4. [web:343f32264a]http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/pickover/pc/manwoman.html[/web:343f32264a]
  5. [web:46139d8d6c]http://wilk4.com/humor/humorm380.htm[/web:46139d8d6c]
  6. when i try and read the page you posted it bleeds and runs together and i can't read it. Is this happening to anyone else?
  7. My husband has his masters in Social work and he is a counselor for a community resource center. He has to counsel the sex offenders in group and non group settings and he comes home so frustrated sometimes. Like just the other night he got this new guy who is in his seventies and he uses a walker to walk... anyway he was caught teaching his 10 year old granddaughter about sex by showing her, and he feels he did nothing wrong because she came to him and asked him about sex. :evil: This is the first time he was ever caught but obviously at seventy chances are this isn't his first time offendi
  8. Gosh, and I thought that was where the problems always started------>dumb guys. 8)
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