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  1. I like to call it the WHEWHEWHEWHAMBULANCE for all the crybabies that call. There's also Mississippi medicaid taxi.
  2. OK just had to an O P R ........... Old persons rhythm
  3. You would like to know where I get my info from. I know two of the emts personally. The other one was a paramedic from in Columbus Ms. There is your first clue I am in Mississippi alot of people here live off crazy checks.
  4. I don't know if this has been brought up here. I know one emt that walked off a bad wreck scene and is now drawing a check. I had another medic tell me this week thagt he quit work and told them he was crazy failed the test and is now drawing a check. I know another emt that walked off a bad scene and never went back to work . I just wonder what you think about this. Do you wonder if there will be a call that pushes you over the edge? Or are you already gone nuts just need to be verified and get your check. And I am not making fun of any one just wondering what you think..............thankss
  5. Well I have also picked up a guy who had a pancreatic tumor that was causing his body to produce insulin faster than we could dump sugar in him. We picked him up bgl 14 gave him d50 twice enroute to the er..they gave him drips and d50 he ended up dying.
  6. I get the reason behind the game but it made me feel awful...and I don't think anyone who had a friend or family member die that day would even remotely find it funny. It should be removed totally from the internet....my opinion....
  7. We picked up this poor guy his blood glucose level (when the lab diluted) 2648 and he was responsive to verbal stimuli ..........the er doc was wanting to take the guys pic.
  8. Way to go Marty (scaremedic).....loved the reply......YES I believe in God.....I can only say if you don't or have never felt His closeness...say a prayer ask Him and see.............
  9. May God and His Most High Angels watch over you!!!!!!!
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