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  1. Let me first preface this with the fact that I am an EMT so I can not totally stand in your shoes, but a few things jumped out at me. This whole situation sounds like one of those bad dreams where you can't scream "NO"! when something bad is about to happen. Except in this situation you were fully capable of screaming "NO"! Like many have said, it may or may not have made any difference in the outcome. I think the way I read your post you may be feeling bad because you didn't speak your mind. If you had spoke your mind and ran this call yourself at least you would have known you had do
  2. https://www.labcorp.com/datasets/labcorp/ht...no/cf002900.htm This isn't the complete formula I was thinking of that I think you can find in the PDR book, but it articulates my point in using the D-Dimer in this patient better than I could.
  3. I'm well aware of this. It's a place to start. There is a formula regarding D-Dimers that takes into consideration risk factors plus the level of the D-Dimer test. A PE can in fact be ruled out to a certain percentage that is quite high if the correct formula is followed. It can also be ruled in to a percentage as well using that formula. I would have to defer to Doc on the ins and outs of that formula. I've tried to find the link and I have been unsuccessful. The point being in using the D-Dimer, it's a place to start. There are many more false positives than false negatives.
  4. With the symptoms you are describing (SOB, Chest Pain, Nausea, vomiting) and this quote above that he is driving a big rig from TX to CA I would suspect a PE. More than likely you are not going to notice a big change in lung sounds although you may. Just because the lungs sound clear doesn't mean he still couldn't have a PE. Once he got to the hospital hopefully somebody ran a D-Dimer just to rule it out. The signs and symptoms of PE's can be short lived and easily missed especially in the field. As far as the ECG goes. I was thinking short runs of V-Tach. Now what part that would p
  5. I have the Littman Classic II. I think it works alright. It is alot more comfortable than some of the el cheapos like Sprague. I wouldn't spend much more than what the Classic II is worth though.
  6. I suppose we should post a link to the United States Border Patrol website so people can know their ACTUAL minimum qualifications. I will quote a snippet of the minimum qualifications. The full link is below. http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/careers/customs...reers/bp_agent/
  7. As a Former Law Enforcement Officer I will tell you this. I'd rather these Border Patrol Agents be on the actual border than 40 miles into my country. I guess the title "BORDER" patrol is lost on the agency. That is probably why the moral is so low at the Border Patrol now. When I was a Police Officer I went out of my way to PROTECT peoples rights, not take them away. I only took rights away when I was mandated by law or policy to do so. It is our right to question authority. The last I knew you had to have one of two things to "detain" someone. Reasonable Suspicion and/or Probable
  8. Ruff is nailing everything on the head in my limited scope of an opinion. The only reason I am even commenting is to commend Ruff for keeping an eye open for the potential of a blood clot. Although at this point it would start to look like that isn't the case. Thank you Ruff. One of the most misdiagnosed things in the ER are PE's.
  9. Taken directly from the OSHA website regarding vaccinations. That at least covers one of the vaccinations you are talking about. I believe the flu shot is covered under OSHA as well, but I don't have the time to look that one up. http://www.osha.gov/pls/oshaweb/owadisp.sh...&p_id=10051
  10. ](*,) Advanced education directly related to EMS I would be for. Thank you for putting into words what I apparently could not.
  11. Eydawn- Thank you for trying to take the time to look through my narrow minded eyes. I respect what you said and will ponder it. The only reason I will give it a second thought is because you have chosen a road above the others and not engaged me in a personal attack. So thank you for that. As far as everybody else goes...the heck with ya. If you so called "professionals" can't hold an intelligent conversation without lashing out irrationally at people with opposite views then I fail to see how you could be any good to anyone during an emergency. In the course of one topic I have los
  12. You will not learn MORE about being a Paramedic if you get your Associates or even Bachelors degree in it. The only thing you will learn more about is the core classes and whichever electives you decide to take. The Paramedic education doesn't change just because you get into an Associates or Bachelors degree program. I can get the same Paramedic education at a Technical School without all the BS extra classes that have nothing to do with the actual art of being a Paramedic. Now if you'd like to talk about expanding the technicalities of the job, that's fine. Make a degree program som
  13. I meant to say ".....for any and every level of EMS is ridiculous were listened to and actually engaged in the conversation". I would like to state for the record more education can't hurt. It is great if somebody doesn't pursue a degree, but the world doesn't stop and start with a degree. Some may argue the world is progressing that way, but in reality, it doesn't.
  14. This is one way to get the egos overflowing. Bringing up education on this forum does it time and time again. The summary I have upon reading the three pages is basically this. Anyone without a College degree is worthless and those that try to say otherwise are then being thrown under the bus and written off as incompetent. That's really a progression since the last time I've been involved in this argument on here. At least in times past those of us who think REQUIRING College degrees for any and every level of EMS were listened to and actually engaged in the conversation. I see a lot of
  15. Adam, Welcome to the world of EMS. Your teacher will more than likely tell you on the last day "Now toss everything I've said out the window, your real education begins today". It is a fact that the way the textbook says to do things is different in part from how you do them in the field. The textbook is a good guide though, for when you first start and are still learning the basics. You will develop your own style as things progress. It doesn't mean you're not doing things correctly. It just means you've found a more efficient way to assess someone. The goal in EMS is to treat and tran
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