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  1. On my last trip to the far east, I had took the opportunity to do ACLS Instructor and a few other little instructors cards. Yesterday the senior ops manager came and asked me for all the stuff cause they wanna open a training facility and need a record of all the instructors they have. I obliged and gave her copies of it which she scanned and sent on to the regional head office.

    5min later she gets a mail back from the medical director accusing me of lying because "a paramedic can not be a ACLS instructor, it's reserved solely for MD's". Has things changed in recent months on this or is it just a South African thing?

    Thoughts would be appreciated,




    to be become instructor you need to follow this steps:

    1. Complete the Provider course in the discipline you are interested in becoming an instructor.

    2. Contact any affiliated/ accredited Training Center

    3. Complete the Core Instructor Course (for AHA)

    4. Complete the discipline-specific Instructor course

    5. Be monitored teaching in your first provider

    Who Should Attend:

    * RN's

    * Paramedics

    * Physicians

    * RRT's

    * Healthcare Providers who may be responsible for advanced resuscitation

    so its not only for Physicians

    thats what we learn and what we teach if its in US/Dubai/Moscow/Nigeria and Asia



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