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  1. I worked for them for eight years. Just remember there are lots of by the book folks so cover your ass at all times. It is true that at times they just need to fill slots so as an EMT you should listen to those who comment on weak Medics and steer clear of them. If you do your job and dont rock the boat you will be fine. My advice to you is to get your RN and stop working for less than you are worth. Paramedics are under paid , I can imagine that EMT's are very under paid also. Good luck.
  2. HI! If you do make it to Texas you do have several options depending on what you are looking for. If you want to work in a 911 system, Med Star and Arlington are the biggest around the DFW area. I work for Arlington. We have a great working relationship with our Fire fighters. All of us are ALS providers which makes things easier. If you do not want 911, look into AMR Dallas. The pace there is less than Arlingtons and they run mostly Transfers. If you are looking for a fast paced system then look into Arlington or Med Star..{but I do hear Med star gets their booties kicked volumn wise} G
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